How to optimize our mentors?

Mentors are defined as …

Why must we have right mentors?

  1. to survive in the competitive world: “1 Billion young people will start work in the next decade – only 40% in jobs that now exist” The Economist, 23 Jan 2016 via Founders4School

To find the right mentors:

  1. we can trust them and feel comfortable admitting when something is not going well. People whom we can share only good news != mentors.
  2. we respect (look up to, admire) them.
  3. it’s like finding a great friend [1]. While we can’t 100% plan for it, but we can prepare to increase its likelihood.

To optimize our mentors:

  1. Prepare a list of well-thought questions. Good mentors are often successful by the world standard, hence their time is limited.
  2. Follow up! To quote Goncalo de Vasconcelos of SyndicateRoom, “make sure I follow up with whatever I’ve agreed to follow up with. Always.
  3. Cherish our mentors by learning about their work and predict what they will do if they are in our situation/challenge, etc.


[1] “I’m not sure they consider themselves my mentors, but they are – whether they see themselves as such is almost irrelevant.” Goncalo de Vasconcelos of SyndicateRoom


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