How to learn and teach Mandarin to little children?

Since I think that Chinese characters are complex yet beautiful, Little Prince and Little Princess must learn and master Mandarin. In my attempts to teach Chinese language to Little Prince since autumn 2017, I have also learned and re-learned many new things, and re-discovered the beauty of Chinese Mandarin.

Essential learning materials include:

  1. Hanyu Pinyin Table [1]
  2. Bihua summary (I used an exercise book to introduce Bihua to Little Prince and allow him to practice writing and coloring)

Other resources that can be useful:


[1] It reminded me on the colorful Pinyin Table that we saw at Little Prince’s Daddy’s friend’s condominium home when we attended their baby girl’s one-month celebration.

Listen also to ref2017.lp.*/*mandarin*mp4 (the youtube URLs are available from ref2017*/mandarin_notes_*.txt)

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