Why must we draw?

In autumn 2017, while guiding and encouraging Little Prince to learn writing alphabets and strokes (汉字笔画), I realized that one needs to learn drawing too.

I must remember to be patient and teach him in line with his ability (因材施教), which is growing as days pass. He has been slowly exposed to four different languages, at different environment, though English and Chinese Mandarin are the predominant ones.

Why must we draw?

  1. Draw for yourself.
  2. Draw to increase our visual intelligence.
  3. The person who draws the picture will get more influence.
  4. Draw to plan our life plans, day itinerary, etc.
  5. Draw to read more effectively, e.g. summarize using a mind map.
  6. Drawing can be soothing. I fondly remember how the Chinese painting class that I took in 2001 made me feel relaxed in spite of the challenges that I faced.
  7. Draw to tell stories.
  8. Draw to innovate. Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab, Marc Benioff, and Angela Ahrendts of Apple, drew all of the time.


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