How to prepare our children for their first tooth extraction?

On 20170914, we thought that we could have Little Prince’s infected teeth being extracted. However, the pediatric dentist working in the university had to perform a surgery, hence she would not come to the clinic.

He could not eat and sleep well since last week and everyday seemed to be worse even though I had given him ibuprofen and clarithromycin, as prescribed by the dentist.


On 20180627, Little Prince had his first molar tooth (tooth 74) extracted and I am very proud of him being able to stay still for over an hour. We came early; Little Prince gave the dentist and nurse Angie drawings (I wish I would be able to bring him to learn drawing). The dentist was friendly and patient, but she had a difficulty extracting his tooth due to unfinished root canal treatment performed on tooth 74 (we had to leave the country where I work in a rush due to the demise of Little Prince’s maternal grandfather). I was unsure if her hands were shaking while holding the saliva suctioner, but I witnessed how they tried using multiple tools to extract the root of his tooth 74.


Some ideas to prepare our children for the tooth extraction:

  1. affirm that “the Universe is working to heal me.”
  2. pray to St Apollonia for comfort, intercession, and safe dental procedures.
  3. schedule our appointment early, especially when the dentist just starts his/her shift.
  4. watch an animation (in youtube) about the tooth pulling process.
  5. draw/write a Thank You note for the dentist.
  6. keep calm ourselves.
  7. tell him that he will get his rewards [1] for being brave, calm, and stationary.
  8. play dentist. Before a big procedure, ask for some masks and gloves to play dentist.
  9. bring a comfort object [2].
  10. visualize happy things [3].
  11. give our children some control for a sense of independence. I encourage Little Prince to wear his sunglasses serving dual purposes: protecting his eyes from the bright light/any possible splash and increasing his self-confident (he looks handsome and stylish with sunglasses!)
  12. increase immune response [4].



[1] On 20170916, he looked forward to drinking camel milk.

[2] In summer 2017, I asked Little Prince’s father to bring a comfort object (e.g. building blocks that he used to build an aeroplane) to the dentist’s chair.

[3] I told Little Prince that I imagined visiting a beautiful place with meadows (perhaps somewhere in Switzerland) when I was a little girl at the dentist’s chair. Years later, I have visited Switzerland thrice as of summer 2010.

[4] On 20170916, I gave him freshly pumped mother’s milk and freshly squeezed orange juice to increase his immunity.

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