How to prepare our children for the first day of kindergarten?

During the open campus day, I saw that there would be 22 classmates of Little Prince and we received a back-to-school checklist by Todd Parr.

On the eve of Little Prince’s first day of kindergarten, as inspired by the checklist, I created a personalized checklist for him:

  1. be unique, it’s okay to be different
  2. be polite (以礼待人) & kind.
    1. smile at people
    2. greet people
    3. nod / wave gently
    4. thank people (teachers, TAs, friends, school bus driver, etc)
  3. be humble (虚怀若谷)
    1. Don’t be like the gingerbread man or the rabbit (in the hare and the tortoise story).
  4. be confident, don’t be afraid
    1. make new friends
    2. explore your new school, including classroom, library, gym, etc
  5. learn as much as you can (发奋图强)
    1. listen to teachers (languages, mathematics, physical education, etc)
    2. learn about your friends
      1. their name (how to spell?)
      2. where they come from, where they have been to
      3. their likes and dislikes
  6. wash your hands. Don’t put your fingers/hands in your mouth to minimize germs getting into your body.
  7. finish your lunchbox (Mama wakes up early to prepare it), then you will earn a star (once you have 5 Gerber stars, you could listen to your favorite architect).

Dear Universe, please keep Little Prince happy and safe during his school days. Thank you!


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