What lessons that we would like to share with our children for them to live independently?

Since Little Prince and I would live together in our adventure in the desert, in addition to the essentials, I would like to share survival and practical lessons to allow him to be independent early in life.

  1. Do not reboil water because reboiling will cause “anything dissolved in the water (salts, contaminants) to be slightly more concentrated” [1]. [since 20170828, done ?]
  2. Consume 100-200 mg/day of vitamin C. If we cannot have five servings of fruits and vegetables in a day (they provide 100-200mg of vitamin C), we should take vitamin C supplement effervescent tablets, which are better than sugar-coated vitamin C chewables. [since 20170828, done ?]
  3. Remember to lock the door of your hotel room with security latch (safety latch)  when we are inside because the staff has master key / master card to open any room. Remember also that hotels have pass keys or pass codes to enter safes for guests who forget their code. [since 20170909 [2], done 20170909 for Little Prince, done ? for Little Princess].


[1] While I was living in UK, I often reboiled the water in my kettle, unknowing of the health risks of this action. Later, I learned from mama that reboiling water will reduce the pH of water.

[2] On 20170909, the hotel staff was unhappy because he told us to wait outside our hotel room as our card and his master card could not open the hotel room’s door. It was my second attempt trying with my card. However, Little Prince needed to urinate since some time ago. Thus, I brought him to the washroom at the lobby and the staff was unhappy when we returned. I explained that the little one needed to use washroom urgently, hopefully I could neutralize his unhappiness (化敌为友). One enemy less is better for the safety of Little Prince and mine.

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