What are easy dishes to cook for children?

While cooking is not my main hobby, washing vegetables and cooking can be a form of meditation and prayers, providing nutritious meals for our loved ones.

Since I am a busy working mother, I constantly ponder on how to cook easy yet healthy dishes for our little children, with our minimalist set of cookware.

Some ideas:

  1. egg
    1. steamed egg with broccoli
    2. steamed egg with snow peas
    3. steamed egg with colorful capsicums
    4. steamed egg with cherry tomatoes
    5. steamed omelette
    6. boiled eggs [7]
    7. …eggs are very versatile [6].
  2. boiled leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach, red spinach). It takes some time to properly wash the leaves.
  3. steamed vegetables [1]
  4. steamed fish [2]
  5. soups
    1. ABC soup
    2. sweet potato + a small thumb of ginger
    3. Chinese herbal soups
  6. pasta
    1. melt a slice of cheese as the pasta sauce [3]
    2. minced raw garlic to boost immune system
  7. salad [4]: a long list of (potential) ingredients


[1] Tender vegetables (e.g. broccoli, asparagus) will cook faster than denser vegetables (e.g. carrots). For tastier dishes,”toss the vegetables with a little olive oil or butter, salt, and a squeeze of lemon.” We can also add lemon juice to the steaming water.

[2] 20170909 steamed fish ingredients: nile perch + 1 clove garlic (minced) + 1 thumb of ginger + a pinch of salt + 1 tbsp sesame oil + optional (tomatoes).

[3] On 20170908, we thought that half slice would do! Our ingredients: wholemeal organic pasta + sugar snap + shredded carrot + 1 clove garlic. Next time, we could try to add more garlic.

[4] On 20170927, I made a bowl of colorful salad using #lettuce + shredded unripened #mango [5] (a practice of #convertNegativityIntoPositivity) + steamed #FrenchBeans that Little Prince had not been keen on + steamed #cherryTomatoes + steamed #yellowCapsicum | No seasoning / dressing is required as I used a little #yogurt and #tomatoChiliSauce that came with the #chicken #madfoonRice (a #YemeneseCuisine)

[5] As inspired by the 20190921 play, we wanted to eat a sweet, tender, ripened mango as our snacks. We were disappointed that the mango I bought on 20170922 turned out to be unripened and ate both sides of it. I refrigerated the middle part and used it later to make the 20170927 salad,which was yummy!

[6] On 20171108 early am, I watched innovative Japanese egg preparation kits and concluded that only egg separator is useful but not essential for me. The bear and rabbit shape molders are nice, if they are not made of plastic.

[7] Thank you for Mama tips in Summer 2018 that adding a pinch of salt to the water for boiling eggs makes peeling eggs easier. Thank you also to Little Prince for helping me peeling many eggs with his delicate tiny fingers that grow bigger and bigger.

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