What are our cookware and cooking utensils?

For autumn 2017, I planned to cook more for Little Prince and myself. Of course, we would still go for our food adventure, but we would also enjoy home-cooked meals whenever I could afford the time and energy to do so.


slow cookers

  • pro: non-reactive pottery material, can cook herbal medicine without worrying about reactivity
  • con: need to plan ahead given a longer cooking time, heavy to wash, cook only water-based food e.g. soup, herbal drink

rice cooker with non-stick pot

  • pro: easy to wash
  • con: the nonstick coating may deteriorate as a function of usage and time [1], toxicity concerns of Teflon and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that were recommended to be labeled as a likely carcinogen.

rice cooker with aluminium pot (a classic favored by our mothers)

  • pro: very good thermal conductivity
  • con: a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease

stainlesss steel kettle

  • pro: I think stainless steel is much better than plastic kettle
  • con: stainless steel is a relatively poor heat conductor

stainlesss steel scissor

  • to cut dates for cooking soup
  • to cut vegetables into smaller pieces for little children


[1] Since the nonstick coating of my existing rice cooker pot was scratched which rendered it unsafe for continue usage, on 20170819, I bought a new Black + Decker rice cooker with non-stick pot for ~ USD 26, as I could not find any rice cooker with a stainless steel pot in one of the largest hypermarket in the city.

When we wash the inner-pot, use the softest sponge. If we have some dried rice at the bottom, don’t try to scrub it out, but let it soak in warm/hot water so the soft sponge can do the rest for us easily.




  1. […] I had have a mouth ulcer since I arrived at Middle East, hence at 11pm plus, I cooked a drink of arhat fruit using an old slow cooker. […]


  2. […] Since I am a busy working mother, I constantly ponder on how to cook easy yet healthy dishes for our little children, with our minimalist set of cookware. […]


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