What are our favorite mobile apps?

Our mobile phones have already replaced our alarm clock, calendar, camera, and watch; don’t let mobile phones replace our family.

In summer 2017, our favorite mobile apps (in an alphabetical order) include:

  1. Calendar. Calendar helps us to plan; planning and execution are the essences of successful life.
  2. Clock: for alarm, timer, stopwatch.
  3. Cymera.
  4. Drive. I have used the spreadsheet, slides, and docs of Google Drive since the time that I could no longer remember.
  5. Dropbox.
  6. Gmail. I also forwarded my work email to my gmail.
  7. Instagram. I used it because my mother, sister, and brother are using it as of summer 2017.
  8. Instasize: to allow us to post without cropping to instagram.
  9. Keep. I used it often for shopping list, checklist, etc.
  10. Maps: to plan for journeys.
  11. Skype. I used this mainly for skyping with Little Prince, Little Princess, and their father.
  12. taxi booking apps.
  13. VLC: (i) to listen to our voice notes for multitasking while waiting, washing, cooking, and exercising; (ii) to watch videos of our loved ones, our favorite songs and documentaries.
  14. WeChat: Personally I prefer Whatsapp to WeChat, but some of my contacts have only WeChat but not Whatsapp.
  15. Whatsapp. I appreciate how we can use a laptop or a computer to type the text message faster. Since mama’s skype became erroneous in 2017, Whatsapp Call and Whatsapp Video have been our main communication tool. However, both Whatsapp Call and Whatsapp Video are blocked in the country where I worked as of autumn 2017.
  16. Xodo: to read and highlight PDF files.

Below are useless to us:

  1. On 20170824, I installed WhatsTablet on my Samsung P9050 and found it useless.
  2. I used to use KakaoTalk but I could not remember that I have used in the past 6 months as of 20170819.



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