What are our checklist living in a service apartment?

From winter 2016 to autumn 2017, my family and/or I lived, not on a continuous basis, in different service apartments, also known as hotel apartments. We rented daily or monthly. For more lessons (for myself), see also ref2017*/*hotel_apartment*txt.

Sometimes, I feel like a refugee due to the constant needs to pack and unpack. However, many refugees and migrants (including our parents who moved before I turned a year old) are strongly motivated to succeed and contribute in new places, for example Gloria Estefan, Albert Einstein, Sergey Brin, Nadia Comaneci, Salvador Dali, etc.

What are our checklist living in a service apartment?

Factors to consider (winter 2016):

  1. cost
  2. non-smoking floors
  3. internet of acceptable speed to work
  4. distance to work/school
  5. access to public transport (taxi, bus, etc)
  6. distance to groceries shopping, especially water, fruits and vegetables. I prefer walkable distance
  7. furniture
    1. bed
    2. fridge (with a freezer sufficient for storing frozen breast milk)
    3. washing machine
    4. How to dry laundry?
    5. optional: tables for working and studying
  8. requirement of deposit and if it is refundable.
  9. frequency of housekeeping (daily, n times/week)
  10. facilities e.g. gym, swimming pool

Before arrival:

  1. request a non-smoking room.
  2. inform the receptionist if we will check-in late due to night flight.

Upon arrival:

  1. request a receipt as a proof of payment.
  2. wipe fridge and freezer.
  3. wipe the dish drying rack.
  4. allow the washing machine to run once without our clothes. I know that this is environmentally unfriendly, but such an action has been due to an unpleasant experience of having our clothes stained by sticky things from the previous users.
  5. make a note “please do not switch off the bathroom fan as I need to dry clothes. Thank you.”
  6. place tea bags to remove odor in the wardrobe.
  7. wash the kettle if we are going to use (20171013 update: do not use hotel’s kettle [1]). Some people (including HGP) have used a kettle to boil other things than water. Since I need to use a kettle to sterilize bottles of Little Princess, I carry my own kettle.
  8. move the microwave away from the kitchen surface top since I am not going to use it; instead I use a rice cooker for steaming/heating food.

When leaving:

  1. inquire if we can store things in the store room, shall we return to stay at the same service apartment again.
  2. wrap fragile items (my slow cooker, bowl) with clothes or (disposable) papers.
  3. remove tea bags in the wardrobe.
  4. remember to remove water inside the air purifier to prevent any leakage.

Essential items:

  1. a power extension bar with multiple sockets
  2. a rice cooker
    1. to cook rice.
    2. to steam milk, bread, leftover.
    3. to cook soups and one-dish soup-based meals.
    4. to cook pasta.
  3. a slow cooker
  4. Little Prince’s bolster
  5. Little Prince’s toilet bowl seat
  6. Little Prince’s stools

[1] On 20171013, Honey Panda informed me that, as he learned from social media, some inconsiderate people have used kettles in hotels to wash their underwear! He also advised not to use hotel towels for the risks of acquiring STD due to some hotels do not wash their towels properly.




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