How do we use our tablets?

Since having her first and only tablet, my mother has used it extensively to keep in touch with her three children living in three different countries. She also used it to view her collection of photos of family members, especially grandchildren, and her (medical, financial, etc) documents.

On 20170812, I found that my attempts to install some useful apps for my Samsung P9050 futile. The camera produced grainy images for Skype video. I could not use WhatsApp on my Samsung P9050.

While technologies are advancing our lives, I found that simple usage is more essential. I am contented with my light (hence travel-friendly) Asus laptop that allow me to work, communicate (with family and colleagues), and write.

I have used my Samsung P9050 for:

  1. making notes while attending talks or reading books [1].
  2. storytelling with pictures of stories for Little Prince (autumn 2017).
  3. drawing for, with, by Little Prince (summer 2015, summer 2017) [1].


[1] As of summer 2017, I still found that the traditional way of writing, drawing on a piece of white paper better for our eyes, hence I limited the usage timing for Little Prince to a max of 15 minutes a day. For meaningful drawings, I could always scan it.

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