What are the future of our education?

We live in a world of change, not rapid but accelerating change.

As a mother of little children, I often ponder on and attempt to predict on the future of our education, including the increasingly expensive tertiary education.

In a series of attempts to financially and quantitatively rescue Paul Quinn College, textbooks have been substituted with free open-source online materials. This means that people, including us, who have no access to expensive subscription-based resources of tertiary institutions can do the same. Paul Quinn College also converted its football field into an urban farm.

On 20170710, I was reminded that online-only learning modes suffer from the lack of

  • hands-on laboratory science
  • productive or performative group-based art, music, or theater courses
  • physical education or recreational sport
  • internships
  • student government
  • organized extracurricular activities

Nevertheless, one can always enroll in most (albeit not all) of the above mentioned locally, without having to attend an university.

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