What is your gratitude list for summer 2017?

For summer 2017, I am thankful for the followings:

  • Little Prince and Little Princess. Both of them are growing happily and healthily into unique individuals.
  • Spending precious moments with papa and mama, especially when Little Princess smiled to and danced for her maternal grandfather.
  • At the eve of her 9 months-old birthday, Little Princess gave me a wide smile that revealed her left dimple (just like her big brother).
  • Little Prince has more dreams as well as he remembers the lesson of never give up from Gaudi. There is always a way if we want something bad enough. No reason to say ‘No opportunity’.
  • #pandaHappyProject on 20170604
  • I succeeded to increase my breastmilk supply (it took days of hard work!) until the quantity that allowed Little Princess to sufficiently drink only expressed breast milk without supplementing with formula in summer 2017.
  • On 20170615, the man who hopes that I would love him bought us Hattendo cream bun. I tried the followings (in descending order of preference): matcha, chocolate, and custard.
  • After a visit to an art museum, Little Princess attended her first mass at the opposite church on Father’s Day (20170618) [1].
  • On 20170809, I showed Little Prince a photo in a local newspaper related to my achievement that papa was proud of. Later, I also showed him an album containing the photos taken in Canada and USA. He could recognize me from over a hundred of faces in 2001 high school photo, such an image recognition was impressive to me. He was also fascinated seeing the photos taken when I attended my first flying lesson in Vancouver and I posed with British Airways Concorde. At the end, he shared that he would like to visit England.
  • On 20170619, I attended a safety orientation and learned that in some accidents, the casualty was careful but the accidents were caused by his/her neighbor. After almost a year of hard work at a lab that only resulted in a good grade, but not new findings for the community, I realized that hard work alone is insufficient (talent and luck are necessary)  and working from 9 am to past midnight at labs and with some hazardous chemicals, is not what I wanted to do for many years of my life; I am thankful that I don’t have to spend a lot of time working in labs. Remember safety first as we have taught Little Prince [2].
  • On 20170809, Little Prince rescued Little Princess from swallowing a tiny sharp part that came out from a Thomas The Train. He shouted “No” and grabbed the tiny item from the fast-moving Little Princess’ hand. Thank you for being a hero, my little Darling!
  • After a mass on 20170702, we visited one of the libraries of a library system, which in the view of Honey Panda is world class, with a lot of money spent to carry many books, though I could not find one of the books authored by Gretchen Rubin, perhaps due to the bold title.  There, while Honey Panda went to help Little prince to search for books related to planes and flying, I read two books to Little Princess, who paid attentions and I wish that I could spend more time reading to her.
  • In the morning of 20170703, after 9 am feed of Little Princess (I earlier fed her at 3 am), she fell asleep again after briefly played by herself. She fell asleep on a bolster as a pillow (though it’s inadvisable for a baby to sleep on any kind of pillow), her tiny long fingers holding a handkerchief. I observed her round body with legs in a position that formed letter L, her chubby hands with folds. She blissfully breathed in and out, I felt a sense of peace and tremendous love for her. I looked forward to the mornings as she often wakes up and smiles to me, a happy baby girl indeed. Recently, she would call Little Prince “阿大”, perhaps referring to 大哥 (big brother).

[1] We forgot to take any photo at the church because we left in hurry after the Holy Communion. We felt dizzy after carrying both Little Prince and Little Princess, and I felt breathless from the frankincense, that was trapped inside the air-conditioned church. However, we would always remember that Little Princess behaved very well during her first mass, she did not make much noise, only said “mama, mama” towards the end.

[2] While we feel that it is necessary for both Little Prince and Little Princess to freely choose what they want to do in life, I will remind myself to share my (positive and negative) experience working in a lab during my undergraduate days, thanks to seeing many young and enthusiastic people on 20170619.


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