What have Little Prince and Little Princess enjoyed?

As a working mother, the time that I spent with Little Prince and Little Princess is more limited than stay-at-home mothers. However, I cherish little moments.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault



My mother told me that I ate a lot of Cerelac when I was a baby, and Little Princess’ first solid food was Made-in-Malaysia Cerelac by Nestlé.

Little Princess’ first finger snack was Made-in-Switzerland Hipp organic baby biscuit ($7.5 + 15% off). However, I found that it is easily broken and I tasted some artificial taste.

On 20170608, after Little Princess’ continuous high-pitched callings and screams, I thought of giving her Made-in-Italy Heinz banana biscotti snack (I think it is more break-resistant than Hipps) and she quietly enjoyed herself, while I tried to simultaneously work and supervise her.

When she was 8 months old, we gave her Gerber graduates puff (blueberry flavor) [1] but she still need to learn the pinching motion. Little Prince liked it a lot when he was a baby and we used the puff for capturing memorable photos of him chasing, smiling, and laughing.

By the time Little Princess turned 9 months old, she could easily pick the Gerber puff and the tiny edible star will soothe and stop her from crying, upon being placed at her play pen (also her bed).

On 20170630, when I was just checking if she would like to have some milk, she seemed to enjoy the cold expressed breast milk stored at fridge. She made a funny face, then turned away from the bottle. Since yesterday or the day before yesterday, she drank little, perhaps due to discomfort from teething. Then, I thought of feeding her scraped banana dip in cold milk (it’s not too cold because I put it in the lid of his Pigeon bottle), and Little Princess loved it!

On 20170706, we tried baby-led weaning with Little Princess using a peeled banana. It turned out very messy! Little Princess did not eat much, as the broken chunks fell to the floors and she played sweeping around the food on her Bumbo tray.

On 20170803, I gave Little Princess a lunch made of 2 ladle-spoon of very nutritious liquid (black bean + black date + red date + dansheng + wolfberries) with oat wheat cereal + mashed steamed sweet potato + a side dish of apple sauce. For snack, for the first time Little Princess enjoyed Saturn peaches (also known as doughnut peaches) very much, just like her mother. Yesterday, I gave her chopped kiwi that she pinched to eat.

On 20170810, Little Princess enjoyed steamed salmon for her first time. She also enjoyed exploring lemon as an edible toy, when she tasted the sour taste of lemon, she would make an expression of squeezing her eyes and appeared cute to me.

On both 20170901 and 20170902, I noticed that Little Princess likes eating sour kiwi and red dragon fruit. These snacks are definitely healthier than Gerber puff [1], which has turned soft, but took longer to prepare (need to wash, cut, and scrape) in comparison to Gerber puff (just open the lid, which is unfortunately not tight).


In spring 2017, Little Prince and I co-slept; I told him to pray to say thank you for everything.


At 20170713 night, Little Princes used a strategy of occupying three corners, to win the tic tac toe game, if he has the first mover advantage. In summer 2017, our family played board game almost every night after Daddy returned from work at 9 pm, it’s better than watching TV which has less interactions.

On 20170811, I made a prayer voice note and Little Princess kept on uttering her favorite soft toy: a lion. At around her age, Little Prince’s favorite soft toy was a panda. I wonder if a preference for a particular animal soft toy is an indicative of a baby’s personality. Little Princess also called “mama, mama” when she was with her Daddy only and I was not in a view, e.g. pumping in a room or packing for flying.



I am tremendously thankful for having a gentle Little Prince as a big brother. During our evening walk on 20170608, I suggested her to kiss his baby sister and he did it so gently thrice (I will remember the scene in my mind forever).



In spring 2017, Little Prince flew a lot and was courageous enough to request for visits to cockpits; he received No (it’s okay) and Yes (thank you very much). Since then, he was inspired to role play as a pilot.



Having Little Prince and Little Princess allowed me to learn, unlearn, and re-learn many things.



I enjoy walking (a simple activity that Little Prince’s Godmother was envious of others) and secretly hope that Little Princess will be able to start walking safely soon. As of 20170707, she has shown a lot of progresses, being able to walk 2 steps before falling down to the front side.

We also tried practicing baby yoga, particularly baby flier and butterfly swing.

I prefer baby flier as I was concerned with Little Princess’ bones while doing butterfly swing. For baby flier, I put a blanket between Little Princess and my leg bones, so she would be feeling more comfortable.


On the rainy day of 20170714, Little Princess slept until over 12 noon. When I entered our dark bedroom, she was quietly standing in her playpen and smiled to me as soon as she saw me.

While I warmed her milk, she would shake her body until she self-removed her pants. While a newborn, she could also self-removed her diapers by kicking her legs. She has indeed been an active baby.

Then, I fed her milk, while simultaneously caressed her face, massaged her fattening thighs and legs, and used my fingers to comb her ultra soft hair. Here fingers were either toying with a handkerchief or playing with my short hair. While playing and drinking milk, she would occasionally gazed at me with her magnified almond-shaped eyes, an innocent look that melted my heart.

The night before, she slept around 11 pm (which was her habit in summer 2017), then was woken up by the loud voice of Honey Panda at ~ 1am. While waiting for me to prepare her milk, Honey Panda and her had a special daddy-daughter moment. Later, I fed her milk at 4 am (thanks to the alarm clock of Honey Panda i.e. his snoring) and 9.15am (she was awake for a while and resumed sleeping afterwards).


[1] Before our 20170903 flight, I made a note to bring the leftover Gerber puff, yet they have turned soft that I considered throwing them.

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