What are our dream destinations?

On 20170614, I showed Little Prince the photographs of his father taken while the latter visited Australia, Europe, and North America. Little Prince shared that he wanted very much to visit those places his father had been before.

Some worth-considering dream destinations are listed below.

  1. Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico, USA via asus since 20170615. It reminded me on Cappadocia, Turkey. During our bus ride from Cappadocia to Istanbul, we had to share our seats with a poor family that made their children slept on the floor of the bus, a stark reminder that poverty is tough!
  2. Cambridge, UK. In a preparation to meet new friends whose parents received PhD from Cambridge University, on 20171203, Little Prince and I partially watched a documentary on Cambridge by 柴静, before he fell asleep at 8pm plus after 3-consecutive days of playing with friends from different corners of our mother earth!
  3. Mexico as inspired by the movie Coco via Stu Levy and Little Prince’s Egyptian classmate (20171130).
  4. Trans-Siberian train ride as inspired by Dr Zhivago since before 2007. It has been a part of one of my top three dream journeys.
  5. Vinicunca (rainbow mountain), Peru (since Nov 2017 via a whatsapp video perhaps from my father)
  6. a remote yet peaceful 民宿 in Zhejiang, China, an idea since 20170623.

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