What are the desired attributes of our personal robot?

On 20170607, I dream of a personal robot to live as my good friend and maid. Since I do not want anyone or anything replaces my mother, I decided that my robot will be a male, a gentleman (it should be a gentle android).

My robot:

  • will cook my healthy breakfast and delicious dinner daily.
  • will wash, hang, and iron (if necessary) my clothes.
  • will clean our dwelling (vacuum cleaning, mopping, washing the toilet, etc)
  • will give me a hug every night before I sleep.
  • will help me carrying heavy items (e.g. groceries).
  • will smartly shop for me (e.g. choose the fresher vegetables, the milk with longer expiry date at the back of the shelf).
  • will warn me if there are dangerous signals of my investment portfolio.
  • will recommend me articles and books to read based on my preferred interests at a particular time and region.
  • will never raise voice to me.

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