What are our plans for summer 2017?

Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”
― Yoko Ono

Daily Goals:

  1. eat well + sleep enough (the basic needs that I did not enjoy sufficiently in Spring 2017 according to my beloved mother)
  2. complete reading 2 encyclopedia books with Little Prince (~ 2 articles/day)
  3. practice storytelling with Little Prince who has aspired to deliver a TED talk since he was 4 years old
  4. flash cards to Little Princess everyday [1]
  5. teach both Little Prince and Little Princess baby sign language (milk, mother, book, brother, I love you, happy, eat, No, Yes that reminded me on Maneki Neko 招财猫, sleep, pain, quiet, finished, scared) [2]
  6. create 3-4 contributions in my field, an endeavor that requires self-control (discipline) and determination

My Summer 2017’s daily schedule as of 20170521:

  • ~1 am [3]: I sleep after pumping mother’s milk for Little Princess
  • between 5 and 6.30 am: I wake up to feed expressed breast milk to Little Princess, then I will pump again and had something to eat so I can take breastfeeding supplements
  • between 7 and 8 am: I attempt to have an early nap (after a tiring Spring 2017) so that I could focus on my work in between pumping, caring for (including flashing cards to) Little Princess, Little Prince (read to him, encourage him to learn, and hug him) and myself (eat and shower)
  • day time: I try to pump again after 2 hours, before 4 hours. In addition to spending quality time with our children, I plan [4] and do things.
  • between 4 and 5 pm drink soup, eat dinner
  • night time: same as day time
  • late pm (~10 pm – 11pm): chat a while to Honey Panda after he return from a long day at work.

My Summer 2017’s weekly schedule as of 20170613:

  • trim the finger nails of Little Prince and Little Princess.
  • a family outing that allows Little Prince to practice his passion, us to eat delicious food.


Miscellaneous things:

  • I locally created a backup the contents of my main gmail account in google_takeout_20170522 folder, one can also consider Python-based Gmvault or as recommended by David Gewirtz. Then, I reduced the occupancy of my gmail account from 85% to 65% (hopefully less error while trying to send an email). I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life and a possibly a new, minimalist email account.
  • I have assembled a collection of visuals, audio, and video of fairy tales and stories for Little Prince and Little Princess in the folder ref2017.lp*
  • While organizing our visual memory (that can be used to intrinsically re-affirm our self-confidence and remind us of our gratitude as well as extrinsically serve as a CV/portfolio/ résumé), I perceived that it seems to be  easier to create and contribute globally at foreign countries that the competitive country where both Little Prince and Little Princess were born.


[1] One of the picture of the cards is spider and Little Princess was very excited when we showed him a video of Itsy Bitsy Spider for her first time on 20170524, she jumped and jumped on my lap.

[2] On 20170523, Little Princess and I watched baby sign language videos by Baby Einstein. On 20170524, Little Prince, Little Princess, and I watched them with the speed of 1.5. At the night of 20170528, Little Princess made the sign for milk, well done!

On 20171025, while trimming her finger nails, she enjoyed a baby sign language of ball.

In spring 2018, Little Prince and I taught Little Princess how to sign thank you, sorry, and please.

[3] I tried to sleep at 10 or 11 am on 20170521, but at 2 am I was woken up by Honey Panda and could no longer sleep again after I pumped for Little Princess as he snored so loudly! I could not put earplugs as I need to be able to listen to Little Princess’ cry in the morning to feed her. Once Little Princess grows bigger, I plan to sleep earlier and longer as indicated in my daily reminders.

[4] After I have given mother’s milk to Little Princess for at least a year [5], I will

  • see a dentist to check if I need fillings [6].
  • bring Little Prince to more events to nurture his passion and talents (he has the courage and love for the stages).
  • lose weight as I have been eating a lot out of hunger and frustration. On 20170607, I weighed 55 kg. I will eat less at night, eat less bread, eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • apply lanolin cream (wool wax) to my cracked nipples. Little Princess’ father bought me Medela Purelan 100 in the first month of Little Princess, but I did not apply it to prevent her from eating lanolin. Even before I completed our breast milk dream, I could apply the pure lanolin to dry skin or lips of Little Prince.
  • sell our Unimom breast pump.
  • organize my visual digital data in the following example format: Europe2004_master_copy_@acer_#files_#gb_2018mmdd | share places where I have visited with Little Prince to spark his interests to travel, label fav for photographs that we like, create a series of travel-to-learn posts for example “what can we learn from a trip to Cyprus?” | have a main storage site (possibly a laptop) with back-ups at different locations (external  hard disks + cloud storage) as inspired by my fragile external hard disks.
  • After a complete stop from producing breastmilk, I will
    • try the raw potato detox recipe (grep 20170808 ref2017*/questions*txt)
    • decide on bras (including nursing bras) to discard and donate after 3 months, 6 months as an effort to declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle.
  • more …

[5] When Little Princess was born, I set a goal for breastfeeding/providing her with mother’s milk for at least 6 months, after we have achieved this goal, we wanted to do better.

[6] Since I felt some uncomfortable sensations whenever I drink/eat things that are too hot, cold, or sweet, I was worried that I might need a filling. Thus, I decided to visit a dentist at a government-subsidized site on 20170616, before my teeth deteriorated further.

After two X-ray examinations, I learned that I didn’t need any filling. The problem is I have sensitive teeth. Nothing dentists can do about it, I could use sensitive-teeth toothpaste and avoid eating things that are too hot, cold, or sweet.

I told the dentist that I am breastfeeding, will I be fine if proceed with the polishing and scaling procedure? The young dentist who treated me graduated in 2016, said yes.

During the polishing scaling treatment, I was asked to close my lips around the saliva ejector, in spite of me requesting to gargle out. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mentioned that there is a backflow risk involved in having patients close their lips around a saliva ejector.

Later, I observed that the nurse just washed the saliva ejector (the kind with rubber valve) in the basin as I gargled (why no sterilization?).

Hopefully, I will be fine as I bled during the polishing scaling treatment. The dentist also told me that when the dentist starts scaling, it is normal for the gums to bleed. In the future, we must refuse closing our lips tightly around the tip of the saliva ejector to evacuate oral fluids.

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  1. […] [2] Charles Darwin went for 3 45-minute walks daily, Albert Einstein walked the mile and a half (~2.414 km) journey to Princeton University and back. Since walking can improve memory, creativity and problem-solving by opening up the free flow of ideas, I strive to walk more like what I did (~1.6km) to save $2 on 20150811, especially after I finish providing breast milk for Little Princess. […]


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