How to win talents to work with and for us?

As of the end of spring 2017, although I succeeded to obtain an almost-independent career pursuit, I still need to overcome the challenges of winning talents to work with and for us.


Define (as a part of the DEAL strategy of Tim Ferris) and re-define.

High potential / high talent != high value. Someone can be talented but does not necessarily contribute highly to our system/organization or common goals.


Know thyself, know others (知己知彼) as advocated by Sun Tzu (孙子)

Meet the candidates face-to-face, not only through interview but also via meals together, chatting, and questioning the candidates on how they would solve individual/personal, team’s, and organization’s challenges.

CVs and resumes listing tons of skills (e.g. programming languages) tend to be inflated and possibly false.


To deal with immediate challenges and circumstances, make learning on-demand.

To quote George Klemp of Cambria Consulting, “if change is the only constant, knowledge and skills will rapidly becoming obsolete,” we hence must build agility and versatility. We must be able to tackle bigger jobs and first-time assignments in other functions, businesses, domains, and geographies.


Stand on the shoulder of giant.

For example, Fave used the credibility of Sequoia Capital to attract initial applications of talents.



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