How to nurture passion in children?

On 20170419, I intended to watch at least a TED talk on parenting. However, both Little Prince and I ended up watching a TED talk by Julie Lythcott-Haims together on our cozy bed. It was his first TED talk and to my surprise, he shared that he wants to be like Julie to tell his story to a large number of audience, he was impressed by the stage and the audience sitting at the upper level. Since then, I started to make notes on lessons/inspirations that we learned from any TED talk that either or both of us have watched.

In Spring 2017, Little Prince started to develop the habit of praying before sleeping every night. He started with “God, thank you for everything today,” an act that makes me feel very thankful. For the morning prayer, we want to always affirm and remind ourselves that “I decide to live happily everyday” [1], “every challenge is a learning opportunity“, and “every problem can be solved” (though some solutions may not be immediate, hence an opportunity to practice patience).

In Spring 2017, we experimented and practiced with the followings:

  1. Instead of saying “I can’t” when Little Prince faced a challenge, he would say “I think and try” (to solve the problems) or “我想一想,我试一试“.
  2. He also remembers the lesson given by his favorite architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet: I will never give up.
  3. As a passionate storyteller, he also lives by his mantra that we coined togeter on 20170423 “I can tell my story anywhere and anytime” to make others happy, after he insisted on telling his story on a stage at Emirates Palace. He asked for a permission to tell his story on the stage, received a “No”, but also the listening ears of a beautiful pianist off stage. Thus, we decided that while it will be great if there is a stage for him to share his story, but if there is none, he can do it (create experience, memory or things) anywhere and anytime.

[1] This is a slight modification from what he learned from the story of The Three Little Pigs since Spring 2016.

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