Why must we imagine?

Little children love to imagine. As grown-ups, we must not forget this natural talent, instead we must nurture our ability to imagine and support it with everything that we have experienced and learned, so that our pro-life, pro-advancement imaginations will be realizations.

  1. “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” ~ Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days
  2. Imagination compensates for the absence of the loved one(s). Imagination gives pleasure in mental, unreal in a way, yet nevertheless effective [1].
  3. Imagining is entertaining [2]
  4. Imagining can nurture us into a better (kinder, smarter, more likable) person [3]


see also Asia2016/20161022_225136_imagine_play.jpg

[1] see more @ ref2017*/movie_lavenir_20170108_042104.jpg

[2] On 20170331, Little Prince imagined that his boarding pass (from his first trans Indian Ocean flight) as a boat (by folding their four edges), sushi rolls (by rolling the board pass paper) or the cone-shaped ones, filled with chocolates. He even remembers and affirms our mantra: “everything can be a toy, as long as we imagine it to be.” I am tremendously thankful for such an entertaining ability. Seeing him watching the in-flight movies for the first time reminded me on the younger version of me. I shouted due to an (exciting? frightening?) action while I was flying with Japan Airlines (and the Australian tourists laughed at me). Little Prince shouted “No” when the heroine in the Trolls faced dangers or during the scary action of Moana (that he has not finished watching) and crossed his hands like the Japanese do, to the amazement of a Russian and a Caucasian above 5o years olds gentlemen sitting across the aisle. They laughed at him.

[3] At the night of 20170419, Little Prince folded his favorite handkerchief into a cone shape that he imagined as a stalk of flower and gave it to me. He has also done the same thing for his paternal grandmother and baby sister. Such a sweet little gentleman!


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