What are quick and easy soup recipes?

Since one of my former mentors (bosses) commented that my current assignment in Spring 2017 as “one hell of a lot of [insert any form of working e.g. presenting, reviewing, reading, attending meeting, etc]…:-(“, I must be smarter and more creative in supplying my body with nutrients.

Like oatmeal [2], fenugreek (methi), sesame seed, water, barley water (increases the quality of breast milk), soup may help sustaining/increasing breastmilk production, as my postpartum experience suggested that daily intake of soup was correlated with an adequate supply of milk.

Breastfeeding mums should be drinking at least 2 liters of fluids daily. Some mothers may need to drink more water each day“, especially for a mother like me because I observe that I need to drink more water than average people while not breastfeeding.

Here are some quick and easy soup recipes:

  1. egg tomato soup. Ingredients: tomato + egg (low heat, stir) + salt + sesame oil (add after cooked for flavor) [3]
  2. chicken soup. Ingredients: chicken thighs + ginger + salt. Methods: use slow cooker over night or throughout the day [1] / a rice cooker 1 hr (after boiled, remember to tilt the lid to prevent spill).
  3. chicken mushroom soup. Ingredients: chicken thighs + mushroom + salt. Methods: I used slow cooker for at least 6 hrs on 20170210 because I saw Holland white button mushrooms on offer for only AED 10 / 500g
  4. herbal soup using quick-to-prepare ingredients or pre-packed herbals e.g. bazhen soup (my first one on 20170113 in the year 2017 after pumping milk for Little Princess)
  5. ABC soup using a rice cooker.
  6. Chinese cabbage soup using a rice cooker.

[1] On 20170114, at 9.30 am, I started preparing to cook for ginger chicken soup for my dinner using a slow cooker (a crook). I blanched 4 thighs of chicken that I bought yesterday. I used organic ginger, though it is more expensive but I save time for not needing to peel its skin. I broke it into thumb-like size, and if it’s still big, I used knife to partly sliver it so that the flavor will be out into the soup.

[2] Oatmeal is also gentle on our empty stomach.

[3] On Good Friday 2017 (20170414), Little Prince learned to cook egg tomato soup ala mama (see ref2017/eat_cook*.txt)


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