Why must we keep calm?

Keeping our stress level low through meditation and keeping calm can prolong our lives by keeping higher levels of telomerase and longer telomeres, according to pilot studies by Elizabeth Blackburn (Liz). While pregnant with Little Prince, I had an opportunity to listen to a talk by Elizabeth Blackburn and have a photograph taken with her [1].

I am grateful for my current job as of 20161202 in a country, where stress level is relatively lower than where I spent my undergraduate days.

We must keep calm for the sake of our future generations. Biologically, it has been reported that maternal stress influences offspring’s behavior through epigenetic regulation of neuropeptides such as neuropeptide Y and corticotrophin-releasing hormone, as I read on 20161213.

[1] I would like to encourage Little Prince, Little Princess, and you to take photographs with eminent people. Some people take photos with the famous to show off to others, but my intention is to gain inspirations from them, akin to standing on shoulders of giants. When we have a photograph of someone, we can tap on their positive aspects (including strengths from the eminent, humanity from what-the-world-deemed-as-ordinary people, pureness from little children) without depriving them anything – perhaps just few seconds of their precious lives. Asking for a photograph being taken with the eminent is also a practice of courage, the worst thing that can happen is receiving a ‘no.’


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