How to earn more money?

On 20161125 while visiting a friendly colleague, I learned from him that his fellow colleagues who have worked for over 5 years did not get any raise in salary. On 20161128, a colleague who will move to Australia in 2017 shared with me that he has not been allowed to request for a promotion since he joined the company in 2011.

First, I aspire to earn more money as I learn more things in life and gain more experience so that I can share the fruits of labors with the people whom I love most and the needy who cross my life paths.

To increase our earnings, we:

  1. learn expertise and skills. Do you notice that the word learn contains the word earn? We need wisdom to create, preserve, and share wealth.
  2. adopt abundance mindset, discard scarcity mindset. Affirm to ourselves: somewhere someone is looking for exactly what we have to offer.
  3. solve problem(s)
  4. can change jobs to obtain better packages. According to Honey Panda, financial sector professionals often jump ships to accelerate their careers and obtain higher earnings.
  5. build our connection capitals through face-to-face interactions, social networking such as linkedIn.
  6. be a tutor/teacher
  7. be a freelancer
  8. be a consultant
  9. be a landlord
  10. rent our stuff


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