How to stay positive amidst negativity?

Be positive is one of the most important lessons that I learned from my mother, a strong woman disguised as a calm and gentle lady.


Use more positive words

While Honey Panda’s mother is a kind woman who loves to help others, she has the habit of complaining (including the shortcomings of others) and sometimes unconsciously spread negativity to others, for example doing tiaopolijian.

On 20161006 (read also grep 20161006 ref2016/*lee*txt), Little Prince’s paternal grandmother carried Little Princess to feed her the breast milk that I expressed into a milk bottle and told Little Prince: “see, I carried mei2” in a tone that I-don’t-love-you anymore. She even told others that Little Prince was jealous, though he might not feel so! She could say better words, e.g. “Big brother, come let’s feed mei2 together!” to promote harmony and unity.

Little Prince’s maternal grandmother observed this habit of Little Prince’s paternal grandmother, and when Little Prince’s paternal grandmother was not around,  Little Prince’s maternal grandmother has done her best to nurture love of Little Prince to his newborn Little Princess.

The action of Little Prince’s maternal grandmother could negatively result in Little Prince disliking, instead of loving, Little Princess. Honestly, I’m unhappy for her action, but the effect is not immediately life-threatening for both Little Prince and Little Princess, hence I could only bite my tongue not to utter any words (she may perceive it as I disrespect her). However, when it’s a life-threatening matter, I strive to be strong-minded to protect both Little Prince and Little Princess.

In Autumn 2016, I have told Little Princess’ paternal grandmother many times not to put blanket over Little Princess because the little one is very active. Since she refused to listen and ignored the danger of baby blanket, I have to strongly urged her husband and son to tell her not to do so. Then, she blamed me for being a bad-tempered. Thankfully, Little Princess’ maternal grandmother shared her point that I’m being true to my principles. The choice of words matter greatly. If others use negative words, do not believe them, instead re-frame with positive words.


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