How to transform our enemies?

On 20161121, I brought the most vulnerable members of society, a newborn and an eldery man over 65 years old, to demand [1]  my rightful money from a dominating company. An Executive Director met with us, hopefully face-to-face meeting (见面三分情) would be effective for us to regain our legitimate fund. On 20161123, I requested a linkedIn connection with the Executive Director.

It’s better to have one more friend (or at least a friendly acquaintance) than one more enemy. “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” ~ Abraham Lincoln. Whenever and wherever possible, 化敌为友.

Smile [2], do not scream, no matter how angry or disappointing we are. Be polite and professional.


[1] after multiple polite requests over half-a-year that have been ignored, either unintentionally or deliberately. If they’re deliberately ignored, then 人心本恶 of human nature is predominating in this experience and they are best left alone, i.e. avoid the people and the companies.

[2] If smiling is too hard, try nodding first.

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  1. […] Constantly practice how to win friends and influence people. Learn how to (i) persuade so that others think that the ideas (to be nice to us) are theirs, (ii) transform enemies into friends, or at least friendly acquaintances. […]


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