How to raise frugal children?

On 20161123, while I washed Little Princess’ 1st clothes that I bought for her and were chosen by her maternal granny, I thought of an idea to allow Little Prince to learn how to wash his own clothes with hotel shampoo, so that he will grow up as an independent and frugal boy and man. There would surely be bubbles (they are fun to play with) and  I would explain to him why soap can remove oil through the hydrophobic (water-fearing) and hydrophilic (water-liking) concept.

On 20180608, Honey Panda justified himself for being frugal (and sometimes stingy) by sharing that he had to walk to his primary school (elementary school) to save 15 cents on bus fare and he was a bookie while in secondary school. I also remember that he went to a kindergarten at rich neighborhood area and borrowed his classmates color pencils until the teacher told him to ask his parents to buy for his own set, and he had to reply that his mother had no $ to buy him color pencils.

To raise frugal children, we must be frugal ourselves because kids seem to pick up more what we do instead of what we say.

  1. Be grateful for what we have. Accept second-hand stuff but first check and filter for hygiene and safety. After our children outgrow their clothes, we give them to others. If the items still look very new, we can sell them.
  2. Seek no approval from others, so that we will not try to impress others by spending unnecessarily on e.g. name brand clothing.
  3. Consider alternative toys. Household items and tools of trade can be very fascinating toys. Very simple things (e.g. a piece of blank paper, pencils, calculator) with imagination can be very entertaining.
  4. Prioritize on experience than things. As a nomadic grown-up, I am proud of my flying experience as a baby, but I don’t miss my childhood toys anymore.
  5. Scarcity , a strategy to influence people, also allows us to cherish things. While our love to our children (e.g. spending time reading to and playing with them, giving them face time) is as much as the sand on a beach, I prefer not to buy too many toys and clothes for Little Prince and Little Princess. When we buy them stuff (e.g. toys and clothes) for special occasions, they will treasure them more. It’s also an opportunity for us to practice the wait rules and nurture patience (an appreciation of delayed gratification), by bringing children to toy shops and tell them that they will get their chosen toy after e.g. they have helped caring for their baby sibling, practiced alphabets/mathematics, and been a good child.
  6. Save for the rainy days. Invest in yourself (as highlighted by Andrew Carnegie and the richest man in Babylon) and invest to allow $ to create $.
  7. Applying #pandaAskSeekKnock, be thick face to ask for a discount or samples. “Can you give us the best price?”
  8. Don’t change baby’s diapers with every feeding. This will enable baby and parents to sleep. However, change her diapers when they have diaper rash or have passed motion.
  9. Share with others who really deserve our kindness. Cheerfully give our smiles, time, treasure [2], energy, money, blood, breast milk to people who need them. “Everyone needs smiles,” ~ HappyGreenPanda.

[1] On 20180607, I have finished cooking the Barilla fusilli pasta, so I gave the box to both Little Prince and Little Princess who loved it as one of their toys playing cooking for mama. So Sweet! I love you both very much and Little Princess recently mastered how to say “妈妈爱[her Chinese name], [her Chinese name]爱妈妈.”

[2] Treasure includes things that we no longer need, excess money after we save for our dependents

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