How to nurture a photographic memory?

On 20160814, Little Prince told us that he would like to participate in a story telling competition. Since then, we have practiced everyday [1] using his favorite story The panda’s world by Caroline Arnold. I realized that he sometimes forgot the next line [2], and I made him a 3×3 visual memory aid (visual summary), eventually he got better with more practices.

While Little Prince enjoyed the practicing sessions, he even imagined our bedroom as our cozy den, we ensured that the practices have been fun by attaching external rewards e.g. he could watch his chosen short cartoons or listen to his favorite story (fairy tale) pre-recorded in my phone as a voice note.

On 20161119, while being sleep-deprived since delivering Little Princess (I also had a difficulty to fall asleep at certain hours during pregnancy), I want to improve my memory so that I can function as well as I wish. After taking the eidetic memory test, I am determined to improve my memory so that I will remember things that matter most to me.

Some strategies [3] to improve our memory:

  1. use visual aids.
  2. make notes: write + draw + record audio / voice notes.
  3. #pandaMnemonic ARES = Attention + Rehearsal (practice/revision) + Elaboration + Significance (meaning). “Attention, rehearsal, elaboration, or emotional significance was needed if perceived information was to be pushed beyond the recent memory space into longer-term storage, else it would be quickly and naturally discarded with the passage of time.” ~ Still Alice by Lisa Genova.

[1] It does not matter if he wins or loses, but we hope that he would put efforts for things that he want in life, and make this putting efforts a habit. On 20160828, Little Prince seemed to be tired of practising the same story daily, but we told him an analogy based on his favourite phrase “the butterfly cannot fly” if he eats too much chai tow kway, and misses practising just for a day. He knew that butterfly was a caterpillar who cannot fly, it’s sad to lose the ability to fly.

[2] According to Honey Panda, it’s because the story plot is not smooth enough, hence we would try Goldilocks and the three bears for the second story to remember.

[3] In November 2016, I conceive a #pandaMnemonic PERFECT to improve memory:
P = Practice, revise, review, repeat (exercise our minds) using our notes
E = Eat nutritiously
R = rest, sleep, take a break
F = Feel positive, happy, grateful, calm, inspired
E = Exercise our body
C = Craft through mnemonic devices, association, visual aids, rhymes, chunking, acronyms, acrostics
T = Think, reflect, consider alternatives


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