How to create beautiful photographs through composition techniques?

On the eve of a Universal Children’s Day, I was very happy when I succeeded capturing the reflection of Little Princess while she was bathed by her maternal grandmother in a hotel in Middle East (Asia2016/20161119_0287*).
While I believe that love and independence are among the best things that parents can give to their children, tangible evidence (e.g. photographs, videos, audios, etc) that they have been loved are also priceless for they allow ones to revisit their childhood [3].
Then, I asked how I can create visual memory and shoot better pictures through the following composition techniques.
[1] Horizontal lines imply a static, calm feel to a picture, whereas vertical lines often suggest permanence and stability.
[2] Scenes comprising reflections are also a great opportunity to use symmetry in our composition.
[3] 20170318 observations: I think that Samsung Note II created the best videos for me so far (though the color is not exciting), but no blacking out (Honey Panda’s xiaomi phones in 2015, 2017) or blinking (especially @ night, Huawei Honor 6x).

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