How to be diplomatic?

To live harmoniously with other people (including our parents or lover), we need to be tactful and diplomatic.

To be diplomatic,

  1. Do not criticize, do not complain, do not argue! Practice turning complaints into gratitude [4].
  2. Steps in communication matter [1].
  3. Refer to the checklist for writing effective and diplomatic emails.
  4. Put ourselves in other person’s shoes [2]. Optimize our mirror neurons.
  5. Prioritize paying-it-forward over self-interest [3].

[1] See “20161110 lesson” in ref2016/*txt that I learned through working for multiple bosses with competing demands. Ensure that you’re on the same page with your primary boss. Primary (real/ultimate) boss(es) is the person whom we formally report to, who does our final performance review and who makes decisions regarding our compensation. Proactively ensure that our multiple bosses know what’s on our plate, i.e. our workload. Don’t try to speak on behalf of one boss to the other — try to get them to talk with each other if possible.

[2] grep “20161209 model answers” ref2016*/*txt

We can gain inspirations from chimpanzees, gorillas, and dolphins that are frequently observed to care for the small, old, and the sick.

[3] On 20170117, after saying bye to me, a colleague dropped her coffee in the lift. Thus, I dropped a sachet of drink at her table. She thanked me via email, and I wondered how I should respond diplomatically.
a receiver of our help/gift: “Thank you”
our response: “You’re welcome — I was happy to do it. I know you’ll do the same for someone else.”

[4] For example, if we lose our job, we are free to explore any perceived-as-scarry path e.g. entrepreneurship, adventure, etc. Believe that the Universe is arranging a better plan for us, as long as we constantly prepare ourselves for opportunities.


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