What are safety precautions for post-cesarean recovery?

I pray that expecting mothers worldwide will have their preferred choice of birth. While I prefer vaginal birth, I could not have any for the sake of Little Prince and Little Princess. A cesarean is actually a major abdominal surgery, can have many complications [1] and recovery after caesarean section is long.

“There may be difficult days during our pregnancy and postpartum period, but we are strong, determined, and resilient.” ~ HappyGreenPanda

Please remember

  1. Do not bend your stomach for 3 months. I did not follow this advice as I often bent because I need to carry Little Princess. Simply, do not pull or strain your abdomen. Do not do sit-ups.
  2. Do not lift heavy things for 3 months. For example, do not hang clothes at high places.
  3. Do not climb staircases for 3 months. I also did not follow this advice always because I need to board buses, get into buildings with no / minimal access for wheelchairs/prams.
  4. Do not squat for 3 months.
  5. Do not mop floor for 3 months. This is also applicable for natural birth. My sister felt abdominal pain after mopping floor even though she had a natural birth.
  6. Do not run; do not jump (e.g. aerobics); do not ride bicycle.
  7. Do not have sex.
  8. Do not use public pools / hot tubs.
  9. Do not drive.
  10. Do not eat ginger, poultry products (chicken, eggs) for 12 days
  11. Do not eat prawns, crabs, minced meat, dimsum (siewmay) for 3 months. This is an advice from my maternal grandmother.
  12. Get helps. Delegate tasks. Outsource.
  13. Do pelvic floor exercise (Kegel) to ease constipation.

Please take care because “the maternal mortality rate is highest in the postpartum period“.

[1] On 20170530, through soursop which is known to stimulate uterine, I learned about a case in which a 59-year old woman who had a cesarean section 23 years ago suffered from metrorrhagia (abnormal bleeding from the uterus) in Italy. The permanent suture from the cesarean had to be removed but could not be done completely.

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