How to deal with snoring?

In the early hours of 20161028, instead of feeling very tired from round the clock of breastfeeding, I could not sleep because my back has been in persistent pain since delivery and Little Princess’ maternal grandmother was snoring very loudly [1] that even listening to music using earpieces did not help, and I started to be worried if she had been exhausted. I could not wear a pair of ear plugs because I need to be awake asap once Little Princess showed signs of hunger, not to wait until she cried loudly, so that she would not disturb her maternal grandmother.

Since my mother snores loudly, I am concerned that I will snore like her when I reach her ages (family history). Fortunately, the paternal grandfather of Little Princess loves his wife very much that he described his wife’s snoring as music. However, she was concerned of traveling with friends, as she may disturb others from sleeping well.

Besides being socially-unfriendly, the snoring is sometimes caused by medical problems, e.g. obstructed airway or sleep apnea. Snoring is caused by an obstruction in the airway between the nose and lungs.

How to prevent snoring?

  1. pray that I will be healthy
  2. get sufficient rest

How to sleep with a snorer?

  1. sleep earlier than the snoring (provided one does not have to wake up in the middle of night (e.g. for breastfeeding, feeding milk, going to toilet, etc) and attempt to sleep again
  2. ask the snoring person to sleep on his/her side
  3. shift the person’s sleeping position, roll him/her onto his/her side.
  4. prop them up with another pillow under his/her head.
  5. create white noise (e.g. a fan sound, rain, wind-blowing)
  6. listen to peaceful music
  7. use earplugs
  8. ask the snorer to sleep with a tennis ball on his/her back, so he/she will not return to lying on back’s position
  9. do not sleep with him/her, sleep in a separate room.

[1] It most likely happened because she has been taking care of her husband, me and her only granddaughter and suffering from sleep deprivation. Thus, I insisted she slept in another room tonight.



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