How to focus?

On 20160715, I am aware that HappyGreenPanda loves to do easy tasks that can be completed quickly and small projects [5], instead of big projects. However, big projects can often have tremendous effects on one’s success. Think of the analogy of the big rocks, gravel, and sand.

On 20160806, after a night of fever and continuous coughing, Little Prince was treated immediately at the largest children’s hospital at where we spent our summer 2016. The healthcare provider mentioned that he may be required to be warded. Being heavily pregnant and still coughing, I did not go to the hospital to prevent me from falling sick. However, I still need to focus to complete my work, a baby step at a time, as long as I make progress.

To focus,

  1. apply 80/20 rule to prioritize ruthlessly with #pandaTFBH
  2. use deadlines wisely with an understanding of Parkinson’s Law [1].
  3. simplify. Divide and conquer big tasks into smaller chunks [2]. Create checklist e.g. do list [3], do-not-do list, do-later list, done list, delegate list, cancel list, need list, want list, etc [4]. Do less.
  4. make time for the MITs (most important tasks) [6]
  5. eliminate distractions. Declutter. Do media diet. Ignore everybody.

[1] This is aligned with the strategy of implementing limits to be more productive.

[2] Since energy is cyclical, use pomodoro technique. Aim to first create n pomodoro for the most important task of the day.

[3] There is a relief when we cross a task out of a do list. Do list must not be too long to prevent the feeling of overwhelming. Do less. Remember that less != laziness. Busy = lazy thinking of what really matter.

[4] For example, see Asia2016/classic_questions_ideas*.xlsx

[5] While living in Europe, I visited several small countries in Europe over the weekends or short few days, yet I had not visited Russia or Spain, ones of my dream destinations. These days, one need to be more careful than ever while traveling. In spring 2017, Little Prince and I traveled to Barcelona (one of my dream destinations, as inspired by Olympics 1992); it was his first Europe trip and we are tremendously thankful for this experience (his first visit to a Basilica and a UNESCO site, first meal of paella, first play @ a Mediterranean beach, first funicular ride, first cable car ride, my first mass in 2017, his second visit to the cockpit, his progressing independence from dressing up by himself daily, and the list goes on). Since Little Prince has been fascinated by things that move, I am going to re-introduce and incept the idea of Trans-Siberia (the longest train ride in the world) to him.

[6] see #pandaLesson on 20090225


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