What do we like about Changi Airport of Singapore?

"The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life," Agnes Repplier. I could not remember how many times I have been to Changi Airport, one of the best airports worldwide, which was opened on 19810701.

On 20160803, we reflect that we like the followings about Changi Airport:

  1. a free Singapore tour (2.5 hour guided bus tour) as of 201606 [1]
  2. free play area for children: The Slide @ T3, a playground at T3 B2, T1 viewing mall [2], T3 transit area.
  3. can see aeroplanes and imagine oneself as a pilot: T1 L3 viewing mall, T2 L3 viewing mall [3], T3 aviation gallery
  4. mini gardens: water lily garden @ T1, cactus garden @ T1, orchid garden @ T2, sunflower garden @ T2, butterfly garden @ T3
  5. seasonal + long-term exhibitions e.g. Star Wars, Catch Daisy by Christian Moeller @ T3 departure hall, kinetic rain @ T1
  6. shopping without paying for GST even one is not flying on the day, with Changi Rewards card e.g. Watson’s, Guardian, Bengawan Solo, etc
  7. free (hot and cold) drinking water
  8. eat diverse food: Western, Chinese, Japanese, etc
  9. discounted desserts Abc Artisan Boulangerie Co. @ T2 (50% off 9pm-midnight) [4], Crowne Plaza Hotel @ T3 (1-for-1 after 8pm) as of 20160803
  10. nursing room with power points
  11. free rental of strollers
  12. well-connected to global destinations
  13. well-connected to the city via relatively affordable buses + MRT [5]
  14. spacious T3 departure hall with walls of greenery


  1. to ensure a seat on a long-journey bus, board the bus to where we slept on 20160803 at T3 (the first stop at the Changi Airport)
  2. for parents with babies, no need to bring a thermos of hot water because it is available at nursery rooms

[1] if you have at least 5.5 hours for heritage tour and 6 hours for city sights tour. Note: please do not clear immigration but remain in the transit area to register.

[2] On 20160803, Little Prince enjoyed the playground at T1 viewing mall for 2-6 years old and the Skytrain rides.

[3] On 20161231, Honey Panda remarked that it’s tough to work as an airport crew moving baggage, one needs to be very physically fit.

[4] Honey Panda likes the croissant in Summer 2016.

[5] I have been to some airports elsewhere where one needs to spend substantial amount to get from the isolated airport to the city.


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