How to stay safe?

As a big sister and a mother, I am honestly worried for the safety of our dependents. However, we can learn from negative things and events that had happened, to prevent ourselves from falling into such a situation. For Little Prince and Little Princess, I have compiled #pandaLesson to stay safe. It’s not an exhaustive list, but hopefully helps them to survive this world, while appreciating the goodness of life.

We live in an evolving world. Natural disasters and man-caused disasters have affected human lives, as history recorded. However, human beings have continued to survive. As a child, I survived earthquakes, floods, and riots.

Our world is also increasingly inter-connected. As a food adventurer, including seafood and sashimi, I have tried to minimize our consumption of raw fish, due to the worry over radiation.

In summer 2016, I realize that I have been consuming more news than usual. News are often filled with negative things and events, from financial recession to crimes worldwide. A #pandaLesson here is to practice selective ignorance / media diet, because important news will still reach me through Honey Panda, my colleagues or friends.

I felt sad learning that places that I have visited and loved, where cherished memories were created, have suffered from attacks. At least once every week, we pray for the world peace. May peace prevail on earth.

Human beings are very complex, I want to be believe in renxingbenshan (人性本善), but reality has also shown renxingbene 人性本惡; perhaps it’s a spectrum from black to white, instead of two extremes of black and white [1]. We learned about at least a father or a mother who caused the death of his/her own biological child.

In the last two weeks of 20160722, there have been five murder cases in a country known for her low rate crime [2]. In summer 2016, Little Prince said he loves staying at a safe country, we pray that he will grow up into a kind and responsible man, who knows how to stay safe and protect his loved ones.

In the sky, I learned from Snowden the importance of knowing the weaknesses (even just a pressure point) of others and the reverse lesson  (for a weakness that cannot be presented as a strength, a mistake that cannot be corrected) [3] as highlighted by the Godfather.

On 20170707, I showed Little Prince a video [4] of a kidnapper pretending to ask for a direction to a bank. The villain told the primary school boy that his direction was too complicated and suggested the boy to follow the villain on his car to give him direction. The boy initially refused, but succumbed to the tempation of RMB 100!

On 20171014, I decided to stop using isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, because it’s included in the list of hazardous substances commonly ingested by children under age 6.

On 20180330 (via a friend’s sharing on facebook), I informed my sister and mother not to go to beauty clinics or spas for unnecessary procedures of beauty as even in Australia, fake doctors are operating patients, performing risky procedures or injecting botox to them with unsterilized needles. I must teach Little Princess not to believe in such things!


[1] Pray everyday so that we live everyday as kind people and believe that the Universe will protect us from evil, after we do our research and homework to be careful.

[2] more details at Asia2016/20160723*.txt

[3] ref2017*/movie_snowden*.jpg

[4] watch ref2017*/vid_20170706_stay_safe sent by his maternal grandfather via whatsapp. He watched it seriously.

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  1. […] [1] In lives, we might have experienced negative people and events. There were moments that I felt sad because my kind mama and I encountered nasty people in similar contexts, but I could help Little Princess to learn from our experience to be diplomatic and careful. […]


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