How to choose and buy a sling bag?

I like the convenience and efficiency of a sling bag for daily carrying of my ID + phone [1] + keys + cash + card (身手钥匙钱 that sounds similar to 伸手要钱) + tissue + pen + paper + powder + comb + hair band + earpiece + travel card + umbrella (optional).

By placing all these items in a place, I won’t forget where I put my stuff, unlike Honey Panda who sometimes look for his keys or wallet and once his internet banking tokens!

To choose and buy a sling bag:

  1. Quality matters, do not compensate quality for low prices.
  2. Choose washable materials.
  3. Choose neutral colours [2] for harmonious matching with our attire.
  4. Choose a horizontal bag (wide opening) instead of a vertical bag (narrow opening) [3].
  5. Choose wide straps to ease the burden on our shoulders.

[1] Our phones have served us multiple functions, as a web browser, map, camera, video and voice recorder, and the list goes on. I also occasionally revise my notes on my phones while waiting. As of 20160622, my android apps (those in bold are often used) include Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Keep, Chrome, Dolphin, Clock (for alarm, timer, etc), Calculator, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Xodo, Maps [4], VLC, Cymera, Instagram, InstaWeather, InstaMag, InstaBeauty, InstaSize, InstaBokeh, Pixlr Express, Photofunia, PIP Camera, taxi booking apps, Baby Center Pregnancy.

[2] Embracing a minimalist lifestyle, I prefer less is more, timeless patterns (e.g. patternless, polka, lines), neutral colours (e.g. brown, beige, khaki, etc), adorned with colourful versatile scarves.

[3] On 20160621, a friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia told me that it’s very dangerous there to carry a sling bag like I do in Summer 2016, as there are many snatch thefts in Malaysia. She previously lived in Japan and Australia. That day, I bought a milky dark blue travel pouch that serves as my sling bag for $9.9 from Japan Home.

[4] To train my brain to remember well and nurture my cognitive skills (see also ref2016/luciano_passuello_nurture_cognitive_skills_20160622.pdf), I try to memorize the paths before travelling, the Map serves as a back-up.


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