How not to forget where we put things?

It has been few days that Honey Panda could not find his internet banking tokens [1], and tonight (20160618) mother-in-law and I spent some time helped him searching for them. He has never found it and had to pay for replacement! This is an avoidable spending and against our frugality principle.

To prevent forgetting where we put things:

  1. make a checklist. For example, for necessary, valuable and/or cherishable things that I will not be using within a week, but I may need it again in the near future, I write a note of their locations in a spreadsheet.
  2. label our stuff e.g. specific keys, items placed at common areas. For things that I want to throw, but it’s better to keep for a while, e.g. receipts, I digitize them and label “can discard after YYYYMMDD (backed-up already)”
  3. make a place for daily things e.g. wallet, keys
  4. put things back in their place as a habit
  5. do not put things in other places
  6. live a minimalist lifestyle, declutter regularly, set a limit on how many things we have.
  7. prepare in advance. For example, I pack my work stuff the night before so that I will not rush or forget anything in the morning. I also pack my travel luggage few weeks in advance, and allow me think of things that I need to pack but I may not remember earlier on.
  8. know when to multi-task and single-task (focus on a task at a time)
  9. create visual memories

[1] I think this is partially due to our nomadic lifestyle, but for Honey Panda he needs to develop a better habit of always putting things back to the designated locations. When he borrows things from me, (e.g. parents-in-law’s home key, thumbdrive), I have to remind him several times to return them to me or else he won’t do that. He would just place them anywhere. I also remember that he forgot to pass me an envelope containing a cheque in perhaps Autumn 2015 for a claim that I submitted in Summer 2015 and thankfully I received a letter mentioning that the stale cheque. Thus, I requested a replacement cheque and it was approved and I only received the $ in Summer 2016! As we grow older, we meet more people whom we cannot depend on, I prefer to be independent in my life, while some people choose to be dependent on me.


  1. […] placing all these items in a place, I won’t forget where I put my stuff, unlike Honey Panda who sometimes look for his keys or wallet and once his internet banking […]


  2. […] On 20160628, I spent four pomodoro tomatoes to organize our letters and documents into hard copy labelled folders of (1) investment, (2) insurance policy + insurance claim/reimbursement + medical record, (3) bills, etc. I hope that Honey Panda will be more organized, because he has wasted his time (and my time for helping him) to look for things, e.g. important ones like internet banking tokens. […]


  3. […] we do not have many clutters, only the essentials, no need to spend too much time and efforts to declutter and find things when we need them. […]


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