How to encourage a toddler to learn numerical skills?

In Summer 2016, I observed that Little Prince finds learning numbers boring, but I have read that early mastery of numerical skills is essential as a foundation of future learning and earning.

The maternal grandmother of Little Prince shared that I was keen to learn numbers, alphabets, and words as a toddler. She personally taught me, before she was busy helping the paternal grandmother of Little Prince with their first enterprises, amidst her second pregnancy. If I am not mistaken, she conceived before I turned 3 years old, implying that her observations on me were done before I turned 3 years old. I am curious how old on average toddlers are able to recognize numbers up to 100 and count.

Everyone has unique gifts. Little Prince seems to show more reasoning skills than me in my toddlerhood. He loves to ask “Why” and “How”. He could formulate his arguments and negotiate with the grown-ups. He is talkative and loves to imagine, as compared to the quiet me. It’s something that is consoling to a worrying mother.

Nevertheless, I still want to help him improving his numerical skills. Honey Panda used apps in his tablet to encourage him learning numbers, yet I’m worried that a prolonged exposure to digital devices may affect the health of his eyes.

To influence others, one needs to be articulate and well-versed with words and numbers (data, statistics, presentation, etc).

Some worth-trying methods:

  1. Play with dice, board games and cards
  2. Compete to answer, for example answer races. Little Prince can be competitive as of Summer 2016.
  3. Arrange his favorite cereals in the shape of a number and only allow him to eat after answering correctly
  4. Create a parking lot with numbers since Little Prince loves vehicles (buses, ambulance, tow trucks, etc) and parking garage.
  5. Count the objects in story books during reading sessions
  6. Count things frequently e.g. on 20160612, Little Prince counted 35 windows on the green double decker bus toy that I bought for him from the desert.
  7. Ask them to remember the number of their favorite objects e.g. the number of double decker buses that Little Prince loves to ride
  8. Plan our travel [1] e.g. measure distance, remember schedules of public transport, games involving license plates

[1] I could not forget the joy of planning my first trip to London and my subsequent solo* trips. It’s never too early to nurture a global adventurer with excellent numeracy skills, as a part of #pandahappyproject.

*sometimes they are due to work commitment

Have fun!

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  1. […] Count (e.g. the animals on a page) to nurture numeracy skills. […]


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