What is the checklist for packing a delivery bag for giving birth at a hospital?

For maternity patients, bring:

  1. identification card + insurance card + insurance’s letter of guarantee of coverage
  2. admission letter from obstetrician + medical records (e.g. ultrasound scans) + birth plan
  3. marriage certificate for registering baby’s birth certificate
  4. nursing brassieres without underwire support
  5. breast pump (sterilized)
  6. cardigan/sweater for mother and father (if stay overnight)
  7. socks + sandals (hopefully I can still wear them when I am due)
  8. disposable underwear / old underwear [4]
  9. mobile phone + charger (apps to time contraction, play affirmations or soothing music)
  10. adhesive sanitary pads / maxi pads
  11. girdle
  12. cosmetics (eyebrow pencil + moisturising lotion + eyelashes curler + oil blotting paper)
  13. comfortable going-home clothes
  14. towel
  15. Basic toiletries (facial wash + baby powder + toothbrush + toothpaste) [2]
  16. hair ties + comb
  17. light laptop + charger (for playing peaceful music)
  18. pen + paper (for writing important notes/questions, I was so forgetful after the anethesia for Little Prince’s delivery; for writing a simple thank you note to nurses)
  19. own clothes (loose top, old T-shirt, jogging trousers) to be worn for as long as possible during early stages of labouring and breastfeeding [1]
  20. Extra pillows (with unique pillow case) from home for labour + nursing
  21. baby items to motivate mothers in labour e.g. baby clothes, toys (can be squeezed by the mother in-pain)
  22. plastic bags (if your water breaks before or on the way to the hospital, for keeping dirty items)
  23. thermos (to drink hot water/longan tea)
  24. snacks (for Daddy and Mommy if she is allowed to eat)

For the little ones:

  1. comfortable going-home clothes
  2. baby clothes
  3. hat + a pair of mittens + socks
  4. disposable diapers
  5. diaper cream
  6. wet wipes + sterile cotton balls + hand sanitizer
  7. a baby diaper bag
  8. hooded wrapping blanket
  9. approved infant car seat (not applicable if you will be using taxi)


  1. remove jewelry e.g. wedding/engagement rings before going to hospital
  2. do not bring a large amount of cash
  3. nipple cream can be substituted by fresh breast milk [3]

[1] I don’t like front open pajamas; just lift up the T-shirt.

[2] I decided to have a break from my night braces

[3] Though I hope that Little Princess will get to drink the colostrum.

[4] When your water breaks, your underwear will be ruined.

20160602 look forward to the safe arrival of our Little Princess

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  1. […] instagram) [3], I created a family visual memory from last night dinner, packed baby items for the maternity hospital bag (I felt a little excited!), cleaned a slow cooker (by soaking with soapy water + washing + boiling […]


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