How to overcome insomnia?

On 20160601, I woke up at ~ 2am, perhaps due the a need to pass urine and/or the snoring Honey Panda. Then, I drank a 3/4 mug of milk (half cold milk mixed with half hot honey water) and ate a quarter of wife biscuit. Normally, I could not sleep immediately after eating due to acid reflux and indigestion.

Thus, I browsed the internet using my mobile phone. Perhaps it was not the best decision because my mind became active. I learned about a multipotentialite KTY [1] who is blessed with talents in music, art, and science. She is not only productive, but also has a deep desire of learning and has learned many things (e.g. harp, fashion design, robotics) through self-taught. As an undergraduate, she studied in my graduate alma mater. She went on to earn a PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University. She can be one of the role models for our Little Princess.

I also learned about KS hailed from Bali [1], a free-spirited expert in product design. She gave useful recommendations for aspiring leaders (even when one just needs to lead oneself). Listen to our intuition and our clients/customers. Just do it and solve problems one by one as they come. Love our work.

At 5am, I was still awake and felt hungry. Thus, I ate another quarter of wife biscuit (it’s tasty!) and 2 slices of sesame bread. I spread little peanut butter to the first slice. For the second slice, I spread perhaps a third of avocado and added strawberry slices to it. I am grateful for the abundant supply of food at the parents-in-law’s home.

Since I could not sleep, I decided to complete some tasks. Through random distractions, I discovered a Pinterest board that I appreciate [1]. I am inspired to post more visuals of natural beauty and positive affirmations to the HGP instagram.

I had experienced insomnia (thankfully not every night) since many years ago. On 20080903, I also suffered from insomnia, perhaps due to a trans-Atlantic flight if I remember correctly. I decided to work and count my blessings. At that time, in Autumn 2008, I wrote that I wanted most to see my maternal grandmother. I realized the dream in Spring 2009 and she passed away in Winter 2009.

Perhaps my pregnancy hormones contribute to my insomnia in Summer 2016, and I can pray that Little Princess will be fine. Based on my study notes on pregnancy, though being sleep-deprived is tough, it won’t harm the baby. Nevertheless, I need to prevent insomnia from becoming a habit.

I think I will need to skip a talk on 20160601 at 10 am, though the speaker is likely to share useful contents, my past experience of attending his talk indicated that I could not understand his strong Vietnamese-accent.

On 20160610, I woke up at 5 am and could not sleep, hence I decided to work. I think I created the highest number of pomodoro (21) within today’s 24 hours as I hope to complete my two projects by early July 2016.

On 20160611, I woke up at 4am after sleeping since 11.30pm last night, perhaps due to the need to urinate and the loud snoring of Honey Panda. Then, I could no longer fall asleep in spite of my attempt to listen to garden visualization affirmation voicenotes and hypnobirthing audio for 1.5 hr. Thus, I decided to have an early breakfast of a glass of diluted milk (2:1 of hot honey water:cold milk), a slice of bread spread with avocado and little Nutella (heavenly! the combination of avocado and chocolate is always heartwarming) and 0.5 cheese sliced bread that Little Prince loves.

I realize that I have more food craving in pregnancy, while am simultaneously worried that Little Princess will be a big fetus. If Little Princess weighs heavier than Little Prince at birth (let’s set a target of 3kg), our chance of VBAC may be lower.

In gestational week 26 (96 days to go according to Baby Center with std of 14 days), due to our nomadic lifestyle, we have not found an obstetrician who is supportive of and experienced in VBAC. While the statistics for VBAC is the minority of the Pareto’s Law (80:20), in which only 2 in every 10 women who have had one caesarean section will avoid the next C-section, we have overcome the curse of the Pareto’s Law before, from securing scholarships and jobs with great efforts and giving away the majority of my savings at age 30 to help others (Yes, re-start from 0). Now, I must pray and take more actions!

On 20160623, I woke up at 3am in spite of going to bed at 11.30pm, my 2nd consecutive night that I suffered from insomnia this week. I was woken up by the need to pass urine and the snoring, but felt hungry after that. Thus, I had warm milk and half cheese bread, but this means that I could not lie down immediately due to acid reflux. I used my phone to distract myself from indigestion, but my brain became active with inspirations, ideas jumping around. At 5am, I tried to sleep listening to affirmation and relaxation music, especially those for pregnancy,  but I felt that my sleep quality was not well as I felt 半梦半醒. I tried to take deep breathes and sleep again whenever I woke up. One thing that I must remember from this experience is that, as highlighted by self-made voice affirmation,  “fear no evils, because the universe protects us.” I’m also relieved to know that some pregnant mothers suffer from insomnia and as long as they managed to get a quality sleep,  don’t worry too much about the quantity (sleeping hours); some people can do well with less than 8 hours of sleep.

However, I started to have cough today (20160623) after a blocked nose on 20160622, like father-in-law and our little boy do. This morning, I took half vitamin C tablet and will take the other half this evening.

Perhaps, my cough is possibly caused by (1) sleep insufficiency,  hence low immunity,  (2) renovation dust, (3) a 20160621 meeting with a girlfriend who suffered from cough. If I am not well, I will postpone social meetings with my friends and/or acquaintances.

On 20160525 at 3.30am I woke up at ~ 3am again, and could not sleep again. Honey Panda who caught a cold last night has been noisy and putting an earpiece would be uncomfortable for me because my ears are itchy from my inflammation associated with my cough. Thus, I happily decluttered and organized stuff. Hopefully, I will be fine during an appointment with the forth obstetrician this morning!

On 20160626, I woke up again perhaps at 4 am and could not fall asleep. Instead of wasting time on social media (e.g. facebook, instagram) [3], I created a family visual memory from last night dinner, packed baby items for the maternity hospital bag (I felt a little excited!), cleaned a slow cooker (by soaking with soapy water + washing + boiling water) [4], organized our stuff from a #happyShopping (I labeled them with our name and expiry date so we will not forget consuming them at a shared co-living home), and did a #happyDeclutter (while writing down people from over a decade ago whom I have been grateful to and who I have gained inspirations from, see ref2016/lessons_gratitude_inspiration_*_20160625.txt).

On 20160627, I woke up at 4am (after sleeping past 11pm while Honey Panda and Little Prince were still chattering!) and decided to submit an insurance claim, check my financial status before a #happyBreakfast and focusing on my work to prepare for an upcoming presentation.

On 20160721, I decided to work from ~ 3 am onward after I slept from ~ 11pm the night before to ~ 2am. Perhaps, I need to exercise more to ensure a good night sleep, even though I climbed 20-storey high of staircases on 20160720. Perhaps, my thought went to where I will be staying in late Autumn 2016, in a city where accommodation costs highly, but thankfully public transportation is relatively affordable than where we spent Summer 2016. Don’t worry, everything will turn out fine. In the end, I managed to sleep again from 7am to 10.30am, waking up in the middle to hug Little Prince before he went to school.

On 20160722, gratefully entering the 32nd week of gestational week of our Little Princess, after a day of climbing over 20-storey of stairs, I still woke up at 3.30am to pass urine and felt hungry at 4am. Thus, I decided to make myself a drink of 1.5 tsp of milo + low-fat milk and had a slice of bread with peanut butter.

On 20100617, I wrote a post on sleep deprivation after doing a mini study on it and the effects of it can be severe. What can we do if we suffer from insomnia?

  1. Count our blessings. I created and continued adding items to my gratitude spreadsheet [2] and reflect regularly e.g. my gratitude list for Summer 2016.
  2. Learn and practice relaxation and breathing methods. Listen to peaceful music (Honey Panda used to play it for me nightly at the desert). Use bedtime affirmations.
  3. Use the power of subconscious mind to trust the process of life. Fear no evils, because the universe is protecting us.
  4. Eat more vitamin B6 from these good sources: wholegrains, lean meats, poultry, avocados, bananas, fish.
  5. Have a nap (but not too late in the day) to top up our loss of sleep. Thankfully, I do not need to work clock-in and clock-out at certain timings, as long as I deliver results.

[1] see Asia2016/how_to_overcome_insomnia_20160601.txt

[2] see also Asia2016/saving_20160601.txt

[3] see ref2016/honeypanda*personality*.txt for his comment on 20160625 for an instagram user whom we saw on a bus ride after a #happyShopping. I think the key is to be selective and practice Pareto’s Law. I must acknowledge that I had garnered some inspirations via instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc.

[4] The slow cooker is my gentle excuse to force a housemate to declutter her food stuff placed on kitchen top, I have not been happy every time I see it daily for the past week, so I took action.





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