How to earn a higher income?

On 20160504, I learned that I have been earning below average of my position’s salary in my company. When I started working [1], I felt tremendously grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the organization and to earn a living for my family. However, today’s revelation still left me feeling disappointed. It’s okay and there is nothing wrong to feel a negative emotion [2], as long as we do not reveal it (unless doing so can lead to a positive outcome), are dealing with it mindfully and with mindfulness. I tried to console myself, at least I still have a work that allows me to learn and earn simultaneously.

Many things in life are relative. Most people prefer to be the 2nd riches (let say his name is A) in the poor area, to being the 2nd poorest (B) in the rich area, even though B earns more than A in the absolute figure. Rationally, I prefer to be B so that I can save for and give to my family and future. Think of arbitrage. If one can earn in the strongest currencies, and spend money in e.g. RMB, IDR, MYR, THB or VND, one can indeed live a comfortable life.

We tap into our unique talent, skills and personality to over-deliver.

To earn a higher income, we must constantly upgrade ourselves, our skills and resources (including connection capital i.e. networks). We need to be constantly learning on the job.

Believe and strive to ensure that for everyone who comes into contact with us, an increase is given to his / her life in use value, which is more than the cash value that he / she gave us.

I seek only what are in harmony with the universe. Believe that we will receive. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” ~ Matthew 7:7

Always be polite and positive.

Jump ship. Job hop. Get promoted. Watch for opportunities, it’s unwise to be in the same company for five years without checking in with the outside world.

Be more demanding and less agreeable. Rebellious children tend to earn higher incomes.

Choose the right industry. For example, if one is a human resource personnel in mining sector (highly paid in Australia), s/he earns more than his fellow HR in other sectors.

It seems that I also need to shift my BMTI personality towards more TJ types. According to Isabel Briggs Myers, our personality is like our right- or left-handedness, it’s hard and painful to change. However, I’m a living example of someone who was born with a natural tendency of left-handedness, yet forcefully trained to use my right hand to write.

For women who aspire to have both career and children, don’t fall out of the workplace entirely when you have children. Work part-time. Volunteer. Do freelancing/consulting. Renew the skill sets akin to stem cells. Build and sustain connection capitals; do not burn bridges [3].

The best scenario is to have a high-paying career choice that lights our soul on fire. However, if we cannot do what we love, we need to learn loving what we do.

Once one achieves his/her definition of high income one must be careful not to increase his/her expenditure (e.g. a larger apartment, a nicer car). Master the art of budgeting. Live a minimalist lifestyle. Increase our ratio of income to expense.

Carpe diem!

[1] Interestingly, I managed to skip the fundamental requirement for the job by having a higher level of requirement (due to the flexibility of the giant whose shoulder I have stood on), but honestly I think I will not have the richness of fundamental backgrounds that my colleagues have for having gone through the fundamental requirement. However, I have been learning on the job, though with a steeper learning curve. Thankfully, many of my colleagues are supportive.

Moreover, I don’t have to deal with either dangerous or hazardous items for my work, as reminded through the movie Helios 赤道 (2015). Both Honey Panda and I dislike the ending of the movie, we prefer goodness to triumph.

[2] This is also a wake-up call for me to think of what’s next? Some professionals make a salary hike by jumping ships, for example bankers. Some professions demand loyalty and solid reputations, but nowadays it seems that ones need to be versatile and adventurous enough to allow accelerated growth in self and income.

Similar to our preference for food adventure, we do not want to eat the same meals daily for years. We yearn for opportunities to learn, earn and contribute in diverse areas, I think all these are essential to make life interesting and beautiful. Have you considered a portfolio career?

[3] While fresh graduates secure their first jobs through job advertisement, submitting their CVs, attending interviews and tests, high-paying positions are often offered through headhunting, words-of-mouth, connection. It’s not what you know, but who you know.

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