What can we learn from Inside Men?

Honey Panda and I tried to watch the 2015 Korean movie Inside Men (내부자들), but we had not succeeded until 20160519, when I managed to watch it at a high altitude above the sky. Well, our flight was delayed for 1 hr 15 minutes, due to the neighbouring air traffic limit, hence my supper was delayed and I could not sleep immediately.

That’s the only movie that I watched in a trans-Hindia Ocean flight this summer and I love to draw lessons from what I have seen and observed.

Do not 100% believe the media. Media is highly powerful, yet may be misleading. As a prominent editor, Lee Kang-hee used words as swords to manipulate public opinion and his power to promote ruthless Jang to the position of leading Presidential candidate.

Create connection capitals to build our tribe as advised by Andrew Carnegie. In Korea (and many Asian countries), all is about connections. Even the ambitious prosecutor, Woo Jang-hoon, who desperately wants to advance his career, needs to use his connection to a professor to help him organizing a press conference for Anh, a retired gangster who wants to seek a revenge for his dismembered hand. While the movie highlights deep-rooted corruption- and unfairness-associated connections (e.g. hence Woo missed being promoted) that reflects the darkness of human nature, I believe that there are positive connections that can be uses positively.

Be loyal to your brothers and sisters, but do not expect others to do the same. It’s very disappointing for Anh to discover that it was Lee who betrayed him and causing him to lose a hand, in spite of 20 years of brotherhood.

What attitudes do we need to adopt regarding gifts? While we learn that it’s always better to give than to receive, I realize that some gifts are not genuinely gifts in which they evoke our sense of reciprocation (even we do not want the gifts) as highlighted by Robert Cialdini. Moreover, few gifts can be hazardous. Gifts can be surveillance devices, for example the label of the luxurious alcohol that Woo brought to meet up with Jang, Lee and the sponsor (Mirae Motors Chairman). Recently, father-in-law warned us not to receive beautiful key chains e.g. in the form of a Turkish eye, from strangers at the airport.

Why do many men (at least those portrayed in this movie) like to be accompanied and entertained by (beautiful and sexily dressed) women/hostesses who do not love them but their money, instead of a loyal and highly supportive wife? Indeed, lust contributes to the loss and failure in their lives. I hope that Little Prince will remember that “Behind every successful man is a woman,” and discover and cherish his soul mate.

Always back-up [1]. In this movie, Anh made back-ups of stolen information that caused his lose of an arm, but also enabled him to revenge. I remember my father set the example by making copies of my primary school reports in case we lose them due to disasters. Recently, Honey Panda was asked to provide education and employment documents from years ago and had to spend some time organizing the documents. Troublesome! A lesson is for me to guide Little Prince and Little Princess to have organized back-ups and back-up plans, and do the work for them while they are still too young to do so.

Finally, see a lesson listed in Asia2016/20160519_inside_men_movie.lesson.txt that was also highlighted by an Asian strategist, who was born in China and later moved to Taiwan and USA.

[1] On 20160718 while #pandaSimplify did #happyDeclutter, #happyGreenPanda learned that Google will move on from Picasa. Thus, please quickly download picasa albums that have been shared with self, Honey Panda and the maternal grandmother of Little Prince. This experience also remind us that change is the law of life, nothing is eternal, while we do our best to save (preserve/backup) our aspirations (dreams), thoughts, and memories in the forms of words, visuals, voices/sounds. While I am highly aware that the URLs to picasa, instagram, wordpress, google drive or any website that I referred may not last forever, I still link them in my best efforts to respect, cite and acknowledge my inspirations. A #pandaLesson [2] here is to also have our own backups of important data, cherished memories, and savings. Even if the online links disappear, I can still use the timestamps and labels to retrieve my previous work.

[2] see folders within picasa_20160718 folder and Asia2016/20160718_backup.txt


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  1. […] to learn from what the panda has learned from others. Simultaneously, we must be wise in (i) accepting and receiving gifts [4] and (ii) not giving or continuously giving to those who demand more than what we are capable […]


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