How to transfer files from an android device to our computer?

Sometimes, I reflect that not all technological devices are useful for us. On 20160506, I realized that the files in Samsung Tablet SM-P905 cannot be read by both my Windows and Linux laptop. My main reason for having the tablet is for digitally writing on the SNote to make notes and annotating my PDF reading materials, but it’s very annoying when I cannot easily transfer files. Yes, I did use Dropbox to sync, but sometimes it does not sync [1].

Perhaps, a traditional way of making notes on papers and then photograph them and label them with essential keywords (to facilitate easy search in the future) is more effective and productive, albeit less colorful.

Well, I still love the ability to digitally draw using my Samsung Tablet and the sensitive S Pen Stylus.

However, I realize that it is much heavier than Asus UX305 laptop. I don’t want to travel carrying my as heavy as an elephant Acer laptop running on linux, and two more devices (besides my mobile phones, camera and lenses!). If I can only choose one, I’ll choose the lighter laptop over the heavier tablet.

To transfer my files from the Samsung tablet to my laptop, I tried "My FTP Server" app by Boby Ertanto, and thankfully it worked! I wanted to use it in combination with Firefox DownThemAll! but it did not work and luckily, I don’t have many files to transfer [1]. This FTP method also works if your USB port is damaged, as happened for my xiaomi phone! Hint: Don’t use this method if your files are confidential.

Thus, after transferring all files to keep, I did the "Factory data reset" (Setting – General – Accounts and backup – Backup and reset). Bye, tablet!

After decluttering today, we had a KFC dinner!

[1] Sometimes, when we use multiple devices to access the same file, there may be problem with the sync, so a hint here is to use timestamp.

[2] I only chose some files that I think I want to keep. Nevertheless, the storage will increase following the Moore’s Law, so don’t waste too much time choosing what to keep/delete. Simultaneously, it’s a good habit to practice minimalism and live a minimalist lifestyle.


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