What are your unique dreams while sleeping?

Hormones and the changes of their levels can play great roles in our lives, for example pregnancy hormones can bring surprises.

In my 2016 pregnancy, my sleeping dreams could be scary.

Once in the first trimester, I dreamed being chased away by carnivorous animals in a zoo, perhaps as subconsciously inspired by Singapore Zoo where the animals are not caged but separated from visitors from e.g. natural/hidden barriers like streams, moats, glasses (but glasses can break!), etc. While I have never had a bad experience in any zoo, the dream was perhaps due to reading an animal story to Little Prince on the day [1]. Nevertheless, the dream reminded me that zoo may not be always the safest place to bring our little children to, I prefer to bring them to zoos with good reputations. For example, I learned not to ever change a diaper in an open-space in the zoo through a reported incident in the Beijing zoo.

Instead of being stressed by progesterone-induced dreams, why don’t we make use of them? Perhaps, I can create interesting stories, as inspired by my sleeping dreams, for my children. Indeed, legendary storytellers, such as Robert Louis Stevenson [2], have requested their subconscious mind to evolve stories for them while asleep.

On 20160416, I dreamed that I was recruited as an outer space vehicle cabin crew. Am I officially an astronaut now? Then, we made a stopover to buy some snacks (perhaps some savoury egg pancake) before we leave earth. Alas, the street food vendor turned up to be a robber. We were running back as fast as our legs can bring us to our spaceship, and quickly locked the door. We carried a lot of high-technology equipment, of course highly valuable, hence a target of robbery. Then, I woke up in spite of having not yet enjoyed outer space in my sleep.

On 20160418, I dreamed that I was in a hotel hall with a lot of food being served. The event organizer chose the A-list menu. I started with queueing for sashimi. The prawn sashimi is very succulent. Later, I queued for dimsum and enjoyed siewmay. Then, I also helped to take some salmon [3] sashimi, before they were finished by other guests, for a friend who joined late. As of April 2016, I have been abstained from sashimi for over a quarter, if I cannot eat them in real life, at least I get taste them in sleep. However, I look forward to 2017 when I can eat sashimi and salad without worrying for our baby’s safety.

On 20160421, I dreamed a wedding anniversary event that seemed to be like a wedding itself. Mom told me to choose from a collection of beautiful wedding gowns and I realized that the trend has changed a lot. A lot of beautiful lace, so lovely! A veil even came with Frozen Elsa’s braid.

Honey Panda would don a tuxedo for the first time in his life. Men grow more attractive as they age as their wrinkles are perceived as a symbol of wisdom and maturity, whereas women do our best to avoid wrinkles. Our children were also elegantly dressed as a flower boy and a flower girl.

The hotel offered us a reception package that includes elephants’ parade, because the hotel recently hosted an Indian prince and had brought some elephants.

While Honey Panda and I had taken some Happy Project photographs (now re-invented as #PandaHappyProject [6]) with the decorated elephant statues by Elephant Parade (I was fascinated seeing these elephants in London, then Singapore), but not with real elephants. They are huge and I was worried for our safety, but I remember the words of a former boss who perceives elephant as a symbol of peace.

Different people perceive an object or an experience differently, and we can always consider multiple perspectives prior to deciding on the one to adapt for our own goodness. Fine! We’ll have the elephants minus the sari, a unique anniversary event to remember.

On 20160422, I dreamed that I was with a friend to an event. At the event location, there were swimming pools of a football field. It’s not a single swimming pool, but multiple swimming pools of different altitude [4]. Imagine a man-made version of Pamukkale or Baishuitai (White Water Terrace) in Yunnan, minus the carbonate minerals. In my dream, the edge of the pools is slippery and I accidentally fell into one of the pool. Surprisingly, the water was warm. My friend touch the water and agreed the water was more at a more relaxing temperature than our flat’s pool. We agreed to swim after the main programs ended.

Then my friend and I found seats in a seating area that looked like a cinema seating area, but it was bright. He showed me his recent job offer letter. He got a salary of $33000-$11000 and he is appointed as XXXninja Assistant Security. Wow! I asked him how many times more than his current salary working as a consultant. He said it’s perhaps 6x. Wait a minute! Human beings see only what we want to see. Normally, a salary is a single figure, why did his one is a range?

Thus, I suggested him to re-check with the HR of his new company. I also congratulated him for securing a dream job. “You are lucky for being paid well for doing what you love to do, what you think is meaningful in life.” Yes, my friend was into martial arts, body building, and gym. Never underestimate small men (he may only be of my height), but he was selected to join the BP expedition to Antarctica, represented his country in an international triathlon competition, volunteered to construct buildings in Sichuan after the 2008 earthquake, and established a fitness startup.

I also tried to encourage him further, after some time, you will get more increment. If it is 3x of what you were going to make, then in a year, you will make a million! He gave me a chuckle. I don’t think it’s impossible because he is not only physically strong, but also academically talented (and strategic and street-smart). The Chinese terms these blessed brainy +brawny people 能文能武.

Then, I woke up from my dream and realized that it was noon [5]. Yeah, at least this is considered as a good dream because a friend has made an advancement in his life. A good dream is much better than a nightmare, especially for pregnant women.

On 20170616, I had two dreams while sleeping, after a night of interrupted sleep due to a snoring man (he snored so loud, help!). After I woke up more than two times, I found it difficult to sleep again due to the loud snores. I could not put ear plugs for I need to feed Little Princess in the early mornings.

My first dream was Little Prince and his father were on a boat in the sea, and I was swimming around them. Then, we reached an island (perhaps in Malaysia or Thailand). I was carrying Little Princess using our brown Pognae baby carrier (perhaps in real life Little Prince and I, carrying Little Princess, had a walk to a playground last evening), and tried to buy an over-charged item for $10. I gave a $20 note, but the staff from South Asia refused to give me a change. Thus, I spoke up to the owner, who first told me that I should go inside for 10 cents change, she seemed to misunderstand that I want a $10 change, not 10 cents change.

My second dream was that I was traveling with a group of people on a vehicle that looks like helicopter, and it could later be converted to a car. We drove along a river with Western-style big houses, few had lavender flowers [7] in the gardens, wooden rectangular boats, and a lady on a lotus-leaf-shaped flat boat. Then, at our temporary dwelling, we had to put our helicopter pilot-cum-driver, who had fallen into a deep sleep, into a tiny storage room. Amidst my fellow travelers, one was an economist who carried his books, and he asked if he could put his books in my plastic container of books. Then, I remembered my removable hard disk was in a suitcase in our car, and I wanted to move it to this container so that it would not be exposed to the hot afternoon sun.

On 20170707, I dreamed that I was on a tour to a natural site with a lot of competitive Chinese youth from China. I pointed to them that the tall grass-covered hills surrounding us, are colored in hue from red, orange, to apple green, due to tilted sunlight. Then, some ladies in long wide skirts, each wearing different color of skirt, started to dance in rotation that their skirts appeared like the color wheels. Then, I was woken up by the hungry Little Princess.

While napping on 20170729, I dreamed that papa, mama, and I were on a journey together. Then,we had to change to a sampan-like or punt-like boat. The stick could reach the bottom of the water, though I know that it was deep. Papa, who could not swim, told mama and I to go ahead, he would not go with us. Perhaps, this dream was a reflection of our worry for him. However, being worried does not help!


On 20170825, I had a dream (while sleeping) that reminded me on a lesson to accept a gift. My former boss R and colleagues, one of them S is my current neighbor in my new office room, pushed a trolley of baby diapers, Carefree pantyliners, etc, to give to me. Out of embarrassment, I told them that I did not need so much or any at all, please give to another female colleague M who was S’ former neighbor yet has moved to another building. After they left, I regretted what I said because the diapers would surely be useful for Little Princess and save us money. The lesson here is to accept gratefully well-intended gifts from others; if the gifts are not useful/suitable to me, I could always cheerfully give them to others, donate, or recycle them.


This morning (20180209), after I woke up at 4.20 am and pumped mother’s milk for Little Princess, I went back to sleep and dreamed that Honey Panda and I were in a very luxurious hotel room, with many yellow lights, that allowed us to see the exterior of the hotel through multiple door-size glass windows.

Then, two young Arabic men in local costumes and head gears, suddenly came into our room and told us that they were going to another room through our room. When we went outdoor from our room, we learned that we actually stayed in connected villas that were partitioned into multiple hotel rooms. Perhaps, this dream served to remind me that it’s important to lock our hotel room to be safe.


During my precious nap on 20180307, I had a dream that Little Prince and I saw a butterfly who transformed from a caterpillar. In my dream, Little Prince and I also rode a bumpy school bus with no window and we were informed to be prepared for the worse, as the weather changed forever due to manmade intervention.

Although a butterfly has a short life, I hope that it is a symbol of maturation that is short relative to the age of our universe, but long enough to enjoy the wonder and beauty of our world in terms of human lifespan.

Side notes:

[1] In Spring 2016, Little Prince loves listening to the story of The Three Little Pigs and The Ugly Ducklings. He seems to never feel bored by these fairy tales. I am happy because these classic stories have positive lessons behind them. We must be prepared for rainy days or against the dangerous, do not be lazy and greedy, do not feel low self-esteem and do not tease others for being different from us.

[2] see “How the subconscious worked for a famous writer while he slept” in The Power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

[3] Recently, I read worrying reports about the fish that we consume. The wild fish is polluted; the farmed fish is fed with industrial-grade food. Sigh! I love eating fish. At least, my stomach digests fish better than meat. Besides fish, where can we get omega-3 from? I heard about flaxseed, walnut, and avocado but they contain much less omega-3 than fish.

[4] Later on the day, I read a recent development by the late architect Zaha Hadi with a similar collection of swimming pools!

[5] Honey Panda was too kind not to wake me up. I slept a lot, perhaps I didn’t have a nap yesterday due to work commitment. These days, I sleep 10-14 hours daily in multiple blocks of sleep. I often wake up on average 3x at night (5x in the first trimester), and finds that nap is very helpful.

[6] #PandaHappyProject is a day project in which we dress up (I’ll put my make-up) ~ sometimes in a theme, visit photogenic places rich in knowledge, culture, history or natural beauty (think of libraries, museums, universities, markets, gardens, beaches, etc), eat delicious and diverse food as a part of our food adventure, and pray by attending a mass. Most importantly, since time flies, we create eternal memories through multimedia (visuals, photographs, videos, voice recordings, drawings, etc).

Finally, I’m grateful for positive visualization techniques that I learned, for example the garden visualization technique. At least, I had less nightmare in these few days and hopefully in many days, weeks, months to come. It seems that I need to practice them more to brace myself for upcoming challenges. Let’s grow wiser, calmer and kinder together!

[7] On 20170614, I saw boxes of Waitrose heart-shaped lavender biscuit ($6.5) after I had a Japanese meal at ~ 3.30 pm. It looked lovely, but I decided not to buy it.

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