How to use a garden visualization technique to relax and cope with pain?

I first learned about the garden visualization technique through Baby Centre and realized that it can be applied in multiple situations to cope with pain and stress. Herein, I wrote my own scripts because I believe that we must learn to trust ourselves most.

Repeat this visualization, because repetition has been an effective way of learning, for example young children learn through repetition of stories and rhythms.

Script version 20160427:
Make sure you are as comfortable as you can be.
Take a couple of deep breathes.
Feel your shoulder going down.
Close your eyes.
Now you enter your garden,
through a secret wooden door,
it is opened for you.
It feels very fresh.
Take a couple of deep breathes.
Breathe in your own rhythm.
You can find a rhythm that suits you.
Follow the footpaths,
surrounded by soft green grass.
This is a special garden,
designed after your most favorite garden [1].
In your mind, every detail of the garden is real.
The tree, the shrubs, the flowers…
The fallen leaves are graciously laid on the bank of a small stream.
The stream flows gently with a soothing water sound.
You wonder around the garden,
enjoying the beautiful and tranquil landscape.
This is a safe garden,
the gardeners have ensured that there are no dangerous insects,
but only beautiful butterflies and chirping birds.
In this garden,
you can discover soothing and beautiful plants
from all over the world.
This is a magic garden,
you can see blooming spring flowers,
and radiantly colorful autumn leaves in a moment.
The sun is warm,
but the temperature is pleasant.
You take a deep breath,
and fresh air fills your lungs.
After a relaxing stroll,
you discover a solid swing large enough for you to lay down.
The swing has a cover to protect your eyes,
if you look up to the sky.
A mattress and some cushions are there to make you comfortable.
You sit down, put your legs up,
and lean against the swing back rest.
Here, you rest and relax,
allowing the peace of the garden soak into your mind and body.
Now, take a couple of deep breathes.
Your worry and fear evaporates into the air.
You feel very peaceful, calm, and safe.
Every visit to your garden will fill you with life and love.
You can safely have a nap here.
You sleep in peace, you wake in joy.
You fear no evil, because the Universe protects you.

[1] I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities to visit and enjoy some of the world’s best gardens, from the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada (in a late spring) to Shugakuin Imperial Villa (修学院離宮) in Kyoto, Japan (in an early autumn). However, my favorite as of spring 2016 has still been Cambridge University Botanic Garden, for the beautiful memories there.

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