What would you tell your unborn baby?

The Easter 2016 may not be all happy moments for me. I had to cancel my trip that I had looked forward to greatly. My Godmother told me that she was diagnosed with liver cancer. My girlfriend informed me that she has to change her maternity hospital due to an insurance issue in spite of being due next month. It sometimes makes me wonder if it is true that “No Money, No Honey.” When we are feeling negative (it’s okay because we are human beings, but be aware that a prolonged negative feeling is not healthy), why don’t we write something positive to our unborn child.

Thus, I decided to write a post to our unborn baby. After all, I enjoyed and appreciated reading open letters to unborn child written by Aaron Gouveia, Cynthia, Jarrid Wilson, Kiri Westby, and Sneha Mehta.

A letter to our unborn baby:
Dear baby,
We love and cherish you, you are our best Xmas 2015 gift.
We pray everyday that you grows into a kind, healthy, smart, and good-looking human beings,
with a pair of lively big innocent eyes,
smiles that make people happy,
and dreams to realize talents that the Universe has given to you,
to bring fulfilment to yourself and to serve other people with love.
You alone will have to discover your purpose, your unique gift to the world,
while Papa Mama will give you all the supports and encouragement we can.
Always treat people, regardless of their backgrounds, with respect and love.
Remember to be careful as well, because we cannot expect other people to be as nice and kind as you.
However, you have the independence to choose and decide to be a good person.
Learn from good people, and we pray that you will become one of them,
who make positive differences to this world.
May you appreciate your life and the world, travel and experience the beauty and wonder of our Mother Nature to gain inspirations.
Although mama has suffered from all the pregnancy-associated challenges*, we are going to continue living and growing.
Never lose hope.
May you learn to be calm, composed, patient and persevered, while facing difficulties.
Sometimes, with all these sufferings, Mama wants to quickly meet you in person,
to cuddle you, to admire your tiny little fingers and toes,
but Mama knows that it takes time for you to grow.
Papa Mama love you with our hearts.
On 20160328, Papa’s influential former boss asked him to travel to work,

but Papa was trying to re-arrange his schedule so that Mama would not have to carry heavy bottles of drinking water for the sake of your safety.
Your big brother, with his empathy and intelligence, also loves you,
Mama believes that he will love and protect you as Mama has loved your Aunt and Uncle, since they were born.
No matter what happen in your life,
or whenever you are feeling frustrated or alone,
always remember that Papa Mama love you,
and always love yourself,
because you are a child of God,
who loves you more than you can imagine.
Stay safe, grow strong and healthy.

*The pregnancy-associated challenges that we are going to overcome:

  1. anaemia
  2. back pain
  3. burping
  4. cold hands and feet
  5. constipation
  6. dehydration (cracked lips)
  7. diarrhoea
  8. dizziness
  9. fatigue
  10. heartburn
  11. hyperemesis gravidarum
  12. indigestion
  13. insomnia
  14. nauseau
  15. salivation or ptyalism or sialorrhea
  16. sensitive skin (itchy!)
  17. short cervix length (i.e. an increase risk of premature birth)
  18. unmet craving of childhood comfort food
  19. vomiting

20160327 Happy Easter 2016!

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