How to cook Chinese cabbage soup using rice cooker?

On 20160206, I attended a lunch invitation. I purposely ate less breakfast because the host told us that there would be plenty of food. I prepared two dishes and arrived at 12 noon, but I had to wait another 1.5 hrs in pain and dizziness. I tried to help myself by eating some fruits, knowing that we should not eat fruits with hungry stomach but this is better than no food at all. A lesson learned: always carry some snacks with me.

My agony was relieved by a bowl of hot Chinese cabbage soup cooked with ox tails, delicious! I think it’s my favorite dish besides the steamed fish. It reminded me on the cabbage soup that Mum cooked for us with spam!

Materials and methods:

  • blanched meat (1-2 chicken drumsticks/ parts of beef shanks/2-3pork ribs/ox tails)
  • 2 carrots, peeled and cut to chunks
  • 1 tomato, wedged
  • Beijing Cabbage/高丽菜/卷心菜, torn to smaller pieces
  • 1 sweet corn, cut into large chunks (optional)
  • dried scallops (optional) give sweetness taste
  • 1 tbsp anchovies/ikan bilis (optional), it’s a good substitute for meat
  • 1 tsp salt
  • throw all ingredients, except the cabbage, into boiling water that sufficiently covering all ingredients
  • add the cabbage for the last 10-15 minutes untill cabbage leaves are soft and translucent.


20160213 I cooked it for lunch with 4 chicken wings, without the scallops and anchovies, but it tasted relatively bland perhaps I did not use enough carrots.

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