How to cook soy sauce chicken?

I remember fondly how delicious the soy sauce chicken that Mom cooked for our breakfast. She cooked them with my humble rice cooker since I have no stoves.

Materials & methods:

Wash 500g of chicken drumsticks, blanch in boiling water (I prefer to blanch until I can deskin the chicken drumsticks)

Mix the followings:

Add water to cover the chicken and cook for at least 30 minutes or longer. Remember to flip the drumsticks to ensure thorough cooking.

I normally cook 1x for 2 dishes, so I will keep the cooked drumsticks for future meals before I add ingredients to be consume on the same day: carrots, potatoes, black fungus.

Serve with steamed rice (I recommend sweet potato rice or pumpkin rice or okra rice).

20160130 I cooked soy sauce beef shank (Dad’s fav dish) using the same recipe, but a longer duration of at least 100 minutes.


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