How to build our tribe?

Our people are important, as I learned from a robotics talk by Vijay Kumar on 20160120. When the researcher controls one of the four drones, the rest follows and ensures equivalent distance. Think of leader-follower network. For big challenges, we need to work in TEAM, it stands for Together Everyone Achieve More, as I have told over 100 young people, who have to listen to me by the systematic default. Our connection capitals are closely linked to our tribe. Our tribe consists of people who resonate with our worldview, yet can provide constructive feedback for growth and advancement.

To build our tribe:

  1. Be happy, which is the first item on 2016 daily reminder. Express happiness when you see your people. Feel free to emphatically wag our tail.
  2. Be as personal as we can. Do not be afraid to be a little vulnerable. Share our cautionary tales, without airing all our dirty laundry.
  3. Personalize/tailor make our contents, i.e. be relevant. People don’t care about what matters to you; they care about what matters to them.
  4. Have a purpose.We need to live a purpose-driven life, adhering to values that we choose and decide for ourselves.
  5. Start small and stay small because if it is too big, people will become passive. However, in order to expand, we can encourage each to spread the tribe as a clan leader. Think of hierarchy in families/organizations.
  6. Be remarkable (e.g. the purple cow, the happy green panda), hence our ideas can spread
  7. Identify people who do care (about our ideas, services, products).
  8. Focus on our people, thus making them feel special.
  9. Create anticipation for others to see you.
  10. Make a regular meeting time, e.g. every Sunday noon, every Thursday evening with jedis.
  11. Let everyone share stories and participate. Listen! People need listening ears.
  12. Increase self-confidence of tribe members.
  13. Connect people kindly and with wit, as we love to connect ideas.
  14. Push people to challenge themselves.
  15. Bye small talk, ask deep but non-nosy questions e.g. "what was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?"
  16. Appreciate, praise, give credits as often as you can.
  17. Be kind and generous. Generosity is one of the best marketing strategies.
  18. Respect people’s time.
  19. Always be grateful, but do not expect gratitude from others, e.g. when we help/connect others.
  20. Understand that sometimes people are more committed to show up when they paid.
  21. Eliminate negative relationships to create rooms for inspiring ones.


20160126 be remarkable

20160128 I took the courage to advice a mentee N to be careful (a thing that I do not normally do to other people for the fear of offending others)


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