How to determine one’s BMTI personality type?

Since we love and cherish our people (self, family, friends, colleagues, clients, mentors, mentees, tribe), we strive to understand them, and adapt our communication to suit their personality. We want to be polite to them, simply because we treasure everyone who crosses our life path.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (BMTI) describes four pairs of opposite behaviors. Everyone prefers one behavior from each pair, and generally uses it more than its opposite. The keyword here is “more”, nobody is an absolute extrovert or introvert, but each of us has tendency towards one of the two ends on the spectrum.

1. Ways of gaining energy: E or I

E = extroversion.
E focuses on the outside world and gets energy by interacting with people and doing things.
E needs time to talk and take action.

I = introversion.
I focuses on the inner world and gets energy
by reflecting on information, ideas, and concepts.
I needs time alone, time to think, and time to assimilate before action.
I prefers to be asked what they think, thought-out written communication.

2. Ways of gathering information: S or N

S = Sensing.
S notices and trusts facts, details, and present realities.
S wants concrete data, specifics and details, connections to the past, realistic description of the future, clear guidelines, roles, and expectations.
S uses checklist, cross-checks with people.

N = iNtuition.
N trusts interrelationships, theories, and future possibilities.
N wants the overall rationale (big picture), general directions.
N will “know” who to rely/hire/collaborate with after a 5-minute conversation.

3. Ways of making decisions: T or F

T = Thinking.
T makes decisions using logical, objective analysis.
T understands goals and future structure.

F = Feeling.
F makes decisions by applying person-centered values.
F wants to recognize the impact that decisions have on people, to meet people’s needs, to have values drive change.

4. Ways of living in the world: J or P

J = Judging.
J prefers to be organized and orderly and to make decisions quickly.
J wants a clear concise plan, defined outcomes and goals, a time frame with stages, clear priorities, completion, and, most of all, no surprises.

P = Perceiving.
P prefers to be flexible and adaptable, and to keep options open as long as possible.
P wants an open-ended approach, flexibility/options, information, room to adjust, and a go-with-the-flow approach.

4^2= 16 distinct personality types that make our world and people more interesting than ever!

20160116 a dinner with a smart engineer/scientist + his extrovert girlfriend


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