What to learn next in 2016?

The desire to become a better self is a universal human urge” ~ Caroline Arnold, the author of Small Move, Big Change.

Continuous learning is key to personal growth and development. Be tech-savvy.

Like an enthusiastic student browsing the available courses in the beginning of semester, I love to browse courses available from multiple admirable course providers such as Academic Earth, Coursera, Singularity Hub, Udacity, to how-to videos on YouTube. Thanks to many YouTube videos, I have learned how to cook and apply make-up, about the history and culture of places and people that I want and dream to go. Adam Dachis also recommends VideoJug. I also like to browse the life syllabi or curriculum of others.

How do you learn? I love visuals and learning by doing. I also listen to my voicenotes while I walk, wait for/ride on a public transport, bath, dress up, cook or wash dishes. I learn from multiple people, they are my masters/jedis/mentors though they may not know or remember me. I learn from those who are older and younger than me, for I believe that among three people walking, there is surely one I can learn from (三人行,必有我师).

What are the essential things that I must learn in 2016?

  1. Coding/programming (data mining, mathematics, statistics); I am not satisfied with knowing just R. Want to build a site for your startup? Want to build the next big app? Want to do impactful research? We must learn to code. Coding is rapidly becoming a basic literacy form, much like reading, writing, and counting. Coding is a form of automation, one of essential ways to simplify our life.
  2. Economy (Investopedia)
  3. effective and persuasive Communication: be likable, be thick face to get what really matters done (i.e. put my ego aside, how to negotiate in business and our personal life, conflict resolution.

What’s next?

  1. inner strength: inner peace, intrinsic security, be immune to others’ non-constructive criticism and be thick face (again).
  2. The Bible + The Quran: to learn about life values + how to be kind
  3. self-defense
  4. dance
  5. a new human language, either Arabic or Spanish. “Mark Zuckerberg’s 2010 challenge was devoted to learning Mandarin, and he achieved fluency, answering questions in the language at a live forum in Beijing without missing a beat.” If Mark can do it, so can you!
  6. a new machine language, e.g. Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.
  7. Introduction to Recommender Systems by University of Minnesota via Coursera since 20150826


  1. I tried to make my list short to prevent myself from being overwhelmed, this is also a form of prioritization.
  2. I will make presentation slides to summarize my learning notes, it’s a form of creating, though crudely in the preliminary stages.
  3. See also the end of this email.


20160105 CEC = Coding + Economy + Communication


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